"The widespread notion that sober presentation of evidence by an ‘honest broker’ to those with power will accomplish the best interests of populations is [...] conveniently unthreatening to the status quo and often rather naive." nature.com/articles/s41558-022

t.me/ukrainenowenglish/15601 ☢️‼️The invaders killed a nuclear plant employee who worked full-time on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant because he refused to follow their orders. Russian killers beat the man to death, one of the station's engineers told the BBC. “Recently, the Russian military claimed that there were abandoned weapons in the mudguards of the nuclear power plant ( in the pools that cool water). They wanted…(more)

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claims he has been the victim of 'the greatest stitch-up since the Bayeux Tapestry'.

We haven't heard from Theresa May yet...

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I love apps that encourage giving unused food that's about to go off away, but the way the campaigns are built reads so bizarre to me... Like, the concept of the average Brit actively choosing to interact with a stranger doesn't feel real to me. Wonder if market research was done

There's a new wave of trying to explain why people don't take climate heating seriously. As a scientist working in the field for more than 25 years, I am sick and tired of all these explanations for people refusing to take science seriously. I know ... insisting won't help. But all this "it's too abstract", "you don't explain it well enough", "people just can't relate", all this baby-stepping of rational thought, this renegotiating of its value every f'ing time ... is not a sign of a civilization in these planetary times. Sure, emotions rule, people form identity tribes, and they have to live under capitalist circumstances. But when have we given up even trying to be a civilization?

Do I or my wider network (boosts appreciated) know any #animator who's #commission slots are open? I need a robot strumming a guitar on a #loop that I can use on my streams (hobby, not pro) and I'd rather find an #artist here than somewhere like fiverr. I guess let's throw some more tags in for coverage : #video #fediart #art #paid #work #blender I dunno what to add, not my usual area.

Hello, it's winter where I am but I understand a lot of the world is experiencing extreme heat. As an Australian who has survived weeks of above 40C temperatures, fires, and prolonged drought I have some advice.

- In dry heat close your house. Close windows, draw blinds. Darkness is your friend. Open at night.
- Heat rises, so keep low if able - downstairs instead of upstairs.
- Use fans / aircon if you have them but prepare for possible electricity outages as demand increases.
- Damp towel over forehead.
- Drink water. Have it with you all the time.
- Stay out of the sun. Remain inside or in shade.
- Wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, light clothing if you do go out.
- Reduce activity. Rest more. Don't go jogging at midday or anything like that. Heat is physically and mentally exhausting.
- Go out if you need to in the early morning or late afternoon / after dark.
- If you can, keep kids home, & work from home.
- If it's still hot at night take a quick cool shower. Sleep is easier at 20C or below.
- Check on elderly & frail. They are vulnerable.
- Let yourself sweat. But keep up electrolytes with sports drinks or medically appropriate hydrating drinks / something like that.
- Your workplace / school should develop an extreme heat policy for health & safety.
- Don't go sight see near fires. Stay away.
- Keep a radio or access to radio stations available for advice from your emergency services / weather / news services.

Universal Phone Review:
Form factor: black rectangle
Screen: Same as your old phone but not as worn out/burned in
Camera: almost imperceptibly better
Battery life: Initially as good as your old phone was when it was new, then worse
Performance: see above
Looks/thickness: whatever case you end up getting off ebay
Headphone connectivity: slightly less convenient

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t.me/ukrainenowenglish/13475 On this day, 32 years ago, the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine was endorsed. The Declaration restored the tradition of Ukrainian state-establishing, and it was on its basis that the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine was later adopted. And today, when our people are fighting for independence, we have our right in every sense of the word (Video and More)

I think one of my proudest achievements was the time I was playing hide and seek and I put some pillows under the duvet. And the next time round, I hid where the pillows had been and it took everyone ages to find me.

t.me/ukrainenowenglish/13126 ❗️ The threat of an assault from Belarus involving both Belarusian and Russian Armed Forces is almost imminent but the way the fighting will play out depends on the reaction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, says Serhiy Kryvonos, a Ukrainian Army General (more)

This is trained to make you feel guilt and regret. This particular instance was caused by the immense suffering imposed by delaying the walk for five minutes.

I have blocked access to the microphone and this disables the attachment button. Is it really necessary to enable microphone access? Firefox on Android. Mic blocked in Android.

So, if the most successful people are not the most talented is there a way to optimize how we live our lives?


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