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If you're not a mutual and you respond to one of my toots by rewording what I've already said or implied, I will block you. Especially if you use he/him.

Add something to the conversation or be silent, boys.

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In preparation for the almost-certain abandon of mastodon.x from most decent instances, I've setup a backup at

I'm not using it as my main yet, but send me a follow request if you wanna keep in contact. I might not accept all requests because I'm trying to be a bit smarter with that, please don't be offended.

I still might self-host instead at some point because my domain name is badass, but I don't have the energy to set that up right now.

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selfie, ec, boost OK 

I'm Wafer, she/her :)

I came out about a month ago. I love hacking ROMs and programming and some other stuff too.

You can find all my ROM hacks and links to all my other software projects at my INCREDIBLY WELL DESIGNED AND CODED website. I recommend viewing on a PC, as it is a highly INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA experience.

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My light switch was sent from the future to kill John Connor.

If you've never played an under tale but you want to be able to send secret messages that half of your followers won't be able to see today, just use the word deltarune in the tweet.

Should I play an under tale?

Are they good games?

i made a case for , for not much reason at all, except for procrastinating on other things. but maybe its useful for some people

tried freecad first, but couldnt find out how to work with it, so i made it in openscad instead

anyway time to do my *actual* todo stuff

ah no not lilnasx I didn't listen to his music but he seemed okay at least

I'm so relieved, I was starting to get a bit worried tbh

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I'm doing really REALLY okay.

Like, it's felt as though I've bought a lot of stuff lately, but I must've been pacing it out really well.

I really REALLY need to talk to my parents so I can clear the mental block that's stopping me from getting on hormones

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yeah sex is great but have you ever caught up on four months of accounting and realized that you're actually doing really okay?

Update: I wanted to change the payment details for the mortgage but registering online means I gotta wait for snail mail to send me some details which won't arrive until I've lost all motivation to deal with this issue so RIP being a productive girl guess I'll just suck forever.

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I'm gonna have breakfast.

And then I'm gonna sort these bills so I can get rid of the ~3 years worth of post on my desk.

I WILL do these things.

I really can't! All the girls are flustered! Many of them have creature parts! They all got introduced at such a rapid pace that I haven't been given time to become invested in them!

I have NO CLUE what's even going on.

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As this point I think we're maybe like two years from MegaTokyo going full on End of Evangelion with just a massive Piro head looking out over a sea of LCL. I can't even tell the difference between characters any more.

a nonbinary person named Mx. Cherry Keyboard

Here's a playlist of all the Fable Let's play I've done so far, there'll be a little break so I'm not beating the same drum all the time, but I very much plan to make more - here's the link:

New video!

Let's play: Fable Anniversary - Part 8: Less peaceful stroll through the darkest woods (spooky)

The last part of the first recording session stream, a bit of a quieter episode. We make our way through the rest of Darkwood, on the path to the Barrow Fields and Oakvale, with two terrified traders- and it comes to mind that we'd probably be best if not-named Chicken Chaser anymore?


Addendum: maybe I should stress a point for people that don't have a knowledge of UK computing history: I got my start programming on a computer released in 1981, three years before I was born, and I was doing it when other people were playing Tomb Raider.

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That started everything off. I'd go on to discover that the Acorn could run BASIC either natively or in a BBC emulator. By now, I've done some form of programming on every general purpose machine that I've ever owned, and then some.


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