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If you're not a mutual and you respond to one of my toots by rewording what I've already said or implied, I will block you. Especially if you use he/him.

Add something to the conversation or be silent, boys.

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In preparation for the almost-certain abandon of mastodon.x from most decent instances, I've setup a backup at

I'm not using it as my main yet, but send me a follow request if you wanna keep in contact. I might not accept all requests because I'm trying to be a bit smarter with that, please don't be offended.

I still might self-host instead at some point because my domain name is badass, but I don't have the energy to set that up right now.

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selfie, ec, boost OK 

I'm Wafer, she/her :)

I came out about a month ago. I love hacking ROMs and programming and some other stuff too.

You can find all my ROM hacks and links to all my other software projects at my INCREDIBLY WELL DESIGNED AND CODED website. I recommend viewing on a PC, as it is a highly INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA experience.

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I crosspost from Twitter, sorry for the mess.

I apologize ahead of time if I end up enjoying the live action Bebop. I know that Netflix is awful, but so far it just looks like it's gonna tick all my boxes and unless Discovery pulls a miracle outta its ass, I'm gonna be hurting for good live action sci-fi.

Bizarre to have grown up in the '90s and now have people call me gay and be like aadhjfsgjd

Getting a new PFP soon and might use it as an excuse to finally switch everything over to since it's been long enough and I'm kinda tired of the interactions from the local TL.

Also, stew is cooking but it won't be ready until midnight and I don't have any potatoes so I'm having potato waffles instead.

(I tried looking up the name for potato waffles in the US so that more people would understand this post, but evidently y'all don't have those)

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How scary? Well, I have to remove some SMD components and then drag solder a flexible PCB onto some ICs.


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Ya ever just spend like five minutes finishing up something that you started 12 days ago?

Anyway, did the thing. Now for some self-care and some PROPER scary soldering on the Dreamcast.

Kinda wild that the person who sold this MiniDisc player was putting up with the AA battery adapter when they could've just bent the terminal up a bit to make a solid contact.

I mean, sure there's a bit of acid corrosion going on in there, but it's working fine now.

Oops I uninstalled Signal before I saved all the links that I'd sent to my ex to bookmark them nnnnnnoooooooo

The cheapest beef at M&S was meatballs so I'm curious how this stew is gonna turn out lmao

To be fair I'm pretty easy to clock right now because I've been lax on self-care and I'm boy-mode from the scalp down with kinda patchy stubbly arms.

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Very cool that whenever I pass by anyone GNC or openly queer in any way in public there's this kinda silent moment of mutual appreciation.

SCENE post-apocalypse

You, trying to get a flashlight to work: shit shit shit

Me, grabbing it from you, popping the battery and licking both ends before turning it on: finally, my chance to shine

Like, if it were The Sims everyone would have bright green plumbobs over their heads until I walk past them, and then they'd all spawn minus signs and turn a bit orange.

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So, mask wearers:

Y'all ever notice when you're out and about that when you make eye contact with non-masked people there's an instant look of shame on their face?

It is an unusual sensation for someone who feels like I've been constantly shunned by society.

Sega should partner with SNK to make a brand new console under Dreamcast 2 branding.

I'm serious! Think about their shared history as arcade/premium home console innovators. They LITERALLY worked on the Atomiswave together. It's a match made in heaven.

Anyway, time to get outta bed, get some ingredients in, start a stew, then I'm gonna finish up an art thing and maybe finish up the DCHDMI install.

The funny thing is that she just COMPLETELY takes it in her stride. She'll just be like "oh okay, I'm on the floor now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

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A new change to Pandora on her current meds is that her balance is not what it used to be, especially when she's just got up or when she's relaxed.

As a result, when she's sat on the back of a chair, she'll sometimes just kinda slide off.

This is the "I broke up with my ex and the only other person that I use Signal to contact also has Telegram" tweet btw

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