Yes, my kids regularly request to listen to "Tribute“ by Tenacious D.

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Companies won't stop if the public continues to not care about slave labor in the supply chain. Learn more here

Last year my dishwasher went out. This year it looks like my refrigerator is going out. To be fair, we got it used just over 9 years ago... With all the shortages, not a good time for it to start dying though.

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The #PinePhonePro is here! Lukasz from joined us for an interview on DLN where we deep dive into this new highly anticipated device.

You can check out this exclusive interview by going to

#linux #smartphone #opensource

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I'm getting ready to record episode 46 of with @dasgeek and Michael. Then tomorrow morning, recording episode 79 of podcast with @CubicleNate and @MattDLN. Lots of and stuff happening around here!

All 17 of my have jewelry in them. I think it is time for a new ...

It has been a long time since I've done a workout. Today was chelts (chest and delts). I've missed the burn and utter exhaustion of hypertrophy training!

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Thx to @Beelinkofficial for shipping us the first #developer units. We are starting to get @manjarolinux running smoothly on this new @AMD #ryzen #vega combo!

Original tweet :

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Videos from our recent LibreOffice Conference 2021 are now also available on PeerTube! Check them out here:

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⚠️REMINDER: Only download Inkscape from trusted sources and be cautious about emails with links, even if they claim to be from the project. If there's any doubt go to the source. The latest, validated release will always be available for free on our website.

Boosts appreciated.

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We have a new LibreOffice Development Blog! It'll have regular tutorials, tips and tricks for navigating the codebase, and building the suite:

Here is a tease from episode 77 of the

Where do you think this conversation came from or where do you think it is going?


My last two heart rate charts. The largest spikes from yesterday are a super set of snatches, brupees and a 400m run.

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I was up at 6 am yesterday and was in bed a bit after midnight. I wasn't able to get a in. Today will be stacked with lifts.

Recording episode 77 of with I love the fact that the record button is right out in the open now.

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We now have a(n alpha) Chocolatey package maintained by A-r-d-i! Try it out!

`choco install tenacity --pre`

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