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The sixty-fourth edition of my weekly collection of news about #LinuxPhones (@PINE64 #PinePhone, @purism #Librem5 and such), #LinBits, is out!


#GNOME #Calls 41 #SIP Calling, Party with #Jolla, chapter markers in #Kasts and more!

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...and that concludes day 1 of the LibreOffice Conference 2021! But we're just getting started: join us tomorrow (and Saturday) for more presentations, talks and insights into the world of LibreOffice: events.documentfoundation.org/

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Want some application suggestions or tips & tricks for #linux? We share these kinds of picks each week on #DestinationLinux!

You can now see all of the picks we've ever done by going to destinationlinux.org/picks

#opensource #linuxtips #tech

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RT from ┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐ #SputnikV 💉💉((( 🇵🇸 ))) (@nuclearfog)

Waydroid is finally working on Manjaro Plasma mobile 👍🤘🤘
#pinephone #linux #android #opensource

Original tweet : twitter.com/nuclearfog/status/

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And for the upcoming LibreOffice Conference, you can download an app to browse through the talks and create your own personalised schedule: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

My traps are super sore, and there are power cleans scheduled as part of the today. ☠️

This is how my youngest packed the water bottle on our hike Sunday. 😄

It was a rainy day in the mountains yesterday. I took my camera but forgot my tripod. I don't have time today, but hopefully, I can get one good blended image from the foggy landscapes that I shot.

When I tell people that I have reactions to almost everything, they think I'm exaggerating. I "cheated" and had some peppers last night (I get the same reaction to tomatoes and others in the nightshade family), and the welts have started. 😭

Recorded today using so far I'm liking it a lot. Now time to pull them into @tenacity for the editing of episode 75.

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Nine days to go until the LibreOffice Conference 2021! Join us (online) – see the schedule, register, and get cool merch in preparation: conference.libreoffice.org

Last week was the first week back to coop and I only got one in. 🥺 Doesn't look like I will get one in today either... I need to figure out how to get it in even when my days are crammed. So I'll be taking the challenge that starts on the 20th. Who is with me? I don't want to backtrack on my strength progress this school year!

My fingers don't seem to want to work today. I'm meaning to hit the delete key, but keep pushing the end key, thus losing my place while editing.

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We are happy to present yet another beta release of our #PlasmaMobile edition for @thepine64 #PinePhone .
Beta 7 is now available, including latest Plasma Mobile Gear 21.08:
@manjarolinux @kdecommunity

Original tweet : twitter.com/ManjaroLinux/statu

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