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As a federalist European, I want to address the European people to get further.
Dont get stuck on the
"Back then everything was better" mentality of today which is "We have other problems."
Break out of the cycle of the past generations, don't make the same mistake.Go further, because that's what Europe needs. 🇪🇺 🚀 👍🏾

ESA Careers Week: Opening & Panel - The Future of ESA Careers

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Etwas verspätet, ich muss heute nach Bonn und bin inzwischen in Düsseldorf angekommen. Das wird trotz der Wetterbedingungen richtig spannend heute 😂

I don't even think that the German climate activists even know that humans were only able to come further, by using the latest technologies to create energy.
With that latest technology, humans were able to study the previous "inefficient" energy sources, to make them efficient.

climate activists somehow seem to hate that fact. No matter what you say, they keep on doing their "shut down now" policy.

this Ideology wont stop the climate change and stops progress of newer technologies.

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Oh very good Zoidtes, you chose a hot and sweaty day for your application photo shoot👍🏾 👌🏾

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Kelten in Bayern: Zwischen Rechtsverkehr und Schädelkult | National Geographic

Kelten in Bayern: Zwischen Rechtsverkehr und Schädelkult
Das Bild der Kelten als grausame Barbaren hält sich hartnäckig. Untersuchungen der Überreste eines der vier Stadttore der einstigen Stadt Menosgada offenbaren jedoch, dass das wilde Volk weitaus kultivierter war als sein Ruf.

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Nina Unwetterwarnung kommt gerade ist bereits voll am regnen😂

GOOOOOOD MONDAY MORNING MASTOOOOO!!!! :ablobcatrave: :apartyblobcat: :ablobcatrave:

Before we dive into this week, we just check out the work we have to do. Is it manageable? If not, you might consider a cold shower 🥶 🚿 and a good cup of your finest coffee☕ 👌🏾.
How does it look now? I know this combination is a great energy boost 💪🏾 ⚡.
Enjoy your week!

Beck - Dreams

The Eurovision Song Contest, originally conceived through a desire to unite European countries following World War II

I can sum up, that the ESC was indeed a success. I noticed many other European federalists here in the fediverse which is great, keep on doing the great work! Europe needs you all more than ever before. 🇪🇺

My personal highlight was the broadcast from the ISS with Samantha Cristoforetti.

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Congratulations to the Ukraine.
Despite it was plain to see for me and their performance was not mine but go for it.

I like the unification, the peace and diversity between the European nations and hope to see festivals like those more often to connect the Europe

It was a great with all of you from Europe Australia, Israel and the Fediverse, its always nice to celebrate the biggest music festival in the world here on Mastodon. 👍🏾 💪🏾 😌 :ablobcatrave: 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺

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#ESC ist so wunderbar, schöne institution der Völkerverständigung und gemeinsamen Feiern und Zusammenhalt. Sowas müsste es in der Art in Kunst und Kultur in der Öffentlichkeitswirksamkeit viel mehr geben.


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@tobi Australien darf seit 2015 als nicht-europäisches Land an dem Wettbewerb teilnehmen, weil es Mitglied der Europäischen Rundfunkunion ist.

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YEAH Astro Samantha on the #ISS watching #esc

This makes me so happy

omg the has me now, they considered space 😍 😍 :ablobcatrave: :apartyblobcat: :ablobcatrave: :apartyblobcat: :ablobcatrave: :apartyblobcat: :ablobcatrave: :apartyblobcat: :ablobcatrave: :apartyblobcat: :ablobcatrave: :apartyblobcat: :ablobcatrave: :apartyblobcat:

We need way more Events like the Eurovision Song Contest.
It connects Europe since Europe needs to be more connected.

I don't want to be pessimistic, but I think that the ESC has a fake feeling about diversity and also in general.
Shortly after this event, the unity seems to be lost again.
I want to change that for a permanent European connection🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺

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