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hello people who followed me, bewarned that i'm a wretched cretin

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i see some shit online and i want to reject my humanity and go monkey

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I would like to congratulate the PS1 controller on their successful transition.

Putting myself in commodity chastity to get rid of my commodity fetish

every time i get the inspiration
to go change things around

can someone point me towards places i can get trans masc information (especially black people), im just like. already exhausted even trying to wade through some of the things and im already anxious beyond measure cause something was v not kind last time i checked

Wanna hear a joke about pizza? 

Nevermind, it's too cheesy

brb running down the street screaming "yiff yiffedofferson"

you ever hear of kris krisstofferson?
well i'm yiff yiffedoffferson

*griffin mcelroy with the electronic marquee sign*


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