If it is public money, it should be public code as well! I support @fsfe's call for more : publiccode.eu/ via @fsfe

Will start my first dev job soon, so I'll check out how handy Github Copilot is!

Time has a greatly magnifiying effect: A small change in trajectory can lead to a big change in where you end up.
So start now - just do a little bit every day. It will take you a long way.

The question is, what can we do about the fact that humans are super manipulatable? Abolish democracy? ☹️ flip.it/o66o9z

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@Saltyworldbabes@twitter.com (6/10) 💕 The LGBTQIA+ dating app @PlanetRomeo@twitter.com has been removed from the Google Play Store eleven times since its launch eight years ago for being "sexually sensitive." Comparable apps that cater to heterosexual users, did not receive this label.

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🎙🗣🧠 Donate voice recordings to make speech recognition and synthesis thechnology more open, accessible and diverse! 🌈 Right now, Mozilla is trying to get 500K new voice contributions over the next two weeks 🤯


Okay, that 💩 is beautiful:

"[Tests] light up your code from the inside, and when something goes wrong, they focus light on the part that has gone wrong - even if you hadn’t even realized it had gone wrong."


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"CDU-Sprecher: Datenschutzstruktur als größte Bremse der Digitalisierung"

Einfach unverantwortlich. Einfach dumm. Einfach CDU. 🤦‍♂️


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Spring break - Time to refresh your security posture! Nitrokey can help you with that! 🛀 😎

#opensource #itsecurity

I literally can't hear the difference between Lossless and the normal version 🥴

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