Dangerously relaxed 

It's been extremely cosy to play for Moviemiento @ Wokule on July 10th.
@jayrope @biesentales

Free entry. Feel free to boost :D We're going to play at Wokule Biesenthal for the first time since Sept 2020 on coming Saturday, July 10th, 20:30-21:30.
We're excited.
This will be a concert & reading as part of Moviemientos summer film screening series, outdoors, at the lake.



Note: There's no streaming available...

Surprise: Live concerts have come up for summer:

Air Cushion Finish
10.07. : DE-Biesenthal @ Stadt-Land-Fluß, Moviemiento@Wokule e.V., 18:00
31.07. : DE-Neubrandenburg @ Detect Classic Festival, 22:00
11.09. : DE-Rostock @ Galerie Goldwerk, 19:00
22.09. : DE-Berlin @ HAU2, Themenetage ZODIAK, 20:00

More info: kliklak.net/live-dates/

Biesentales' Bob Drop, Lippstueck (as Samtbody, also @acf) and Claes are in charge of episode #42 "Die fragwürdigste aller Antworten" (most questionable of all answers).
unlikely reportagen from the depths of süddeutsche orgelpfeifen, humuskocher & schellenkinder, lautwandlungen, wir-starke kunsthandlungen, ein magisches science book, rataplan, rataplan…



That is to say ::
Have an analog day.

(Claymbals made by Maia Beyrouti)

Currently experimenting with cymbals made from clay for a new composition.

Contrary to our last posting we now have videos on peer tube. Start here with a full concert supporting GYBE! at SO36 Nov 9th 2012.



P.S.: - and leaving Youtube as soon as all videos transferred.

Another i now did, for , a Berlin solo synth act. I like his style, he's very "Blade Runner" at times.
I deviated much away from this, into 5/8, for counters, & Sony tape dictaphone spaces, imagining i was on the bottom of Mariana trench & missing my return trip ;) *enjoy


(Track out on his Bandcamp End of May 2021)

Biesentales Lippstueck (also @acf) is in charge of episode #41 "… und die tauben fielen aus den wolken wie schnee". (and the doves fell from the clouds like snow).
Here is almost a virtual tour through our countryside camp in Biesenthal. A lot of poetry (German), a lot of athmospheres, sauna, terrace, lake-sided, outdoors.


The Dead Mauriacs is Olivier Prieur from France, and there's a phantastic podcast summarizing his exotic electronica approach here, enjoy!


Live musicians w/o concerts have time for remixing. Am glad about having worked on this one for Berlin/Leipzig "future glitch jazz" trio ITOE. *Enjoy


Biesentales #40 "Stirred up lives", hosted by jayrope, is up for re-listening on Mixcloud. This is an intense & percussion-heavy broadcast of 90 mins, which shall be understood as an invitation - or even a roll call - to mutate.



Air Cushion Finish are Lippstueck & jayrope from Berlin/Biesenthal.

One of 11 albums since 2008 is "Flink", recorded at Hotel2Tango, Montreal. This is mostly downtempo music, avantgarde of sorts, without computers or academic attitude, however there is a lot of rather transmutational research going on there.




Biesentales #38 (not #37), now up for relistening.

@jayrope - Young Minds Together -
Yaxu - John Adams - ESG -
@flavigula - Ansgar Wilken - Dick Tree - Jack Jack - F.S. Blumm -
@gavcloud -
Scheiss die Wand an - @acf - @oliea - Rope -
Naoto Kawate/Soren Brothers

*Enjoy & please share.


Stomach problems after 2 days of superflously luxurious fat-food? Here's something light for you: A recording of last year's annual Xmas concert at Berlin's Kugelbahn (momentarily closed due to quaratine regulations) - this is by now the last concert of a whol series taking place every year at the 26th od december.

Enjoy, sit back, forget your stomach problems, on large speakers & headphones.


Starting an open audio channel. open.audio/@jayrope/

If you appreciate this music, please consider giving back by buying from one of the listed Bandcamp sites. Thank you. It's needed. Feel free to boost this.

@acf @biesentales

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