Biesentales #48 now upped for timeless relisteners. Extremely good music.
File under: Your glitching mind gives me p(e)ace.

Decrypt: “Eyh haste ma fuffzisch Euro, ich muß zu meiner kranken Mutti nach Westdeutschland! Ne Kippe, vielleischt? N paar Cents fürn Bier? Mann eyh, dit jibs do nich. Ja, so siehste och aus.”


Boost: Zodiak Free Arts Lab - reviving a cradle of "" for a week.
Happening NOW until Sept. 26 with an impressive line-up!

In winter 1967 musician & artist Conrad Schnitzler started as a hierarchy-free venue for musical experimentation & interdisciplinary exchange. From here, numerous musical developments set off – notably “Berliner Schule”, emerging shortly after & still echoing today.

See @acf Sunday.

Unfassbar, was wir da so geredet haben. Eine gewiefte Interviewerin, und später ein selten laufendes Konzert auf dem Detect Festival, das Ihr Euch geben solltet. Kein Blödsinn dort, außer daß technoide Kleinbühnen am Rande ganz mecklenburgisch (Fusion) nicht fehlten. Sollten sie aber in Zukunft. Das Orchester Junge norddeutsche Philharmonie direkt vor uns hat's John Adams so gegeigt, daß selbst der Hall im Zirkuszelt im eigenen Klo erblasste. Gross!

@acf @biesentales

Shameless self-promotion, @acf and Damon Aaron on a lush summer night, musically zig-zagging into an electric wall of Mosquitos. Otherwordly, secretly grinning in the corner.

Dangerously relaxed 

It's been extremely cosy to play for Moviemiento @ Wokule on July 10th.
@jayrope @biesentales

Free entry. Feel free to boost :D We're going to play at Wokule Biesenthal for the first time since Sept 2020 on coming Saturday, July 10th, 20:30-21:30.
We're excited.
This will be a concert & reading as part of Moviemientos summer film screening series, outdoors, at the lake.


Note: There's no streaming available...

Surprise: Live concerts have come up for summer:

Air Cushion Finish
10.07. : DE-Biesenthal @ Stadt-Land-Fluß, Moviemiento@Wokule e.V., 18:00
31.07. : DE-Neubrandenburg @ Detect Classic Festival, 22:00
11.09. : DE-Rostock @ Galerie Goldwerk, 19:00
22.09. : DE-Berlin @ HAU2, Themenetage ZODIAK, 20:00

More info:

Biesentales' Bob Drop, Lippstueck (as Samtbody, also @acf) and Claes are in charge of episode #42 "Die fragwürdigste aller Antworten" (most questionable of all answers).
unlikely reportagen from the depths of süddeutsche orgelpfeifen, humuskocher & schellenkinder, lautwandlungen, wir-starke kunsthandlungen, ein magisches science book, rataplan, rataplan…


That is to say ::
Have an analog day.

(Claymbals made by Maia Beyrouti)

Currently experimenting with cymbals made from clay for a new composition.

Contrary to our last posting we now have videos on peer tube. Start here with a full concert supporting GYBE! at SO36 Nov 9th 2012.


P.S.: - and leaving Youtube as soon as all videos transferred.

Another i now did, for , a Berlin solo synth act. I like his style, he's very "Blade Runner" at times.
I deviated much away from this, into 5/8, for counters, & Sony tape dictaphone spaces, imagining i was on the bottom of Mariana trench & missing my return trip ;) *enjoy

(Track out on his Bandcamp End of May 2021)

Biesentales Lippstueck (also @acf) is in charge of episode #41 "… und die tauben fielen aus den wolken wie schnee". (and the doves fell from the clouds like snow).
Here is almost a virtual tour through our countryside camp in Biesenthal. A lot of poetry (German), a lot of athmospheres, sauna, terrace, lake-sided, outdoors.

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