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thinking of moving instances 

hm.... thinking of moving to anyone have a reason why that would be bad

good grief i literally Never want picture-in-picture mode. i have only ever used it by accident. can i yeet this feature from firefox

i regret to inform you that until recently i thought that "mufos" was short for "motherfuckers". that is all

my dad is the type of guy who hunt-and-pecks "bbc news (world)" into google when he wants to read the news

why have a local HOA when you could have a local Toa

thinking of moving instances, recs please? has absolutely garbage moderation, i've heard some instances have defederated or silenced because of it; so i'm thinking about moving to a different instance

or some other super-lotsa-stuff-added mod sounds pretty cool, anyone got a recommendation for an instance with good, or, like, existent moderation?

boosts appreciated

Young the Giant – Jungle Youth
[not going to count the entire Mountain Goats album "Transcendental Youth"]
They Might Be Giants – Youth Culture Killed My Dog
[...various songs with phrases like "You The"]

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some times i will make a playlist by running 'fzf' on my '~/Music/' folder and typing in 1 word. today the word is 'Youth'

i wake up in a cold sweat. "i should—i should download some videos of the president and replace 'hail to the chief' with the imperial march"

the pain when you generate a file that's 0.1MB too big to email

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