Disco (bad dance doesn't matter)

yes that's the actual title of this song. thanks for the encouragement


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whyyyy didn't i listen to chelmico's new album BEFORE now

extremely warning for shaky and flashing video, do not watch if you have any issue with that!!

okay i complained a bunch about this but i'm gonna post it because it is, despite my complaints, extremely cool and big and sexy of me to have made this. behold: the past year of my backyard, featuring pear tree!

the obvious standout feature is the pear tree - check how much it droops when it's laden with fruit! really shows that it's a big harvest year (it alternates). but also note the sunflowers! I love how they grow more and more blooms.

robin hood turns to will scarlet
"whyfore so dour, friend? thou shouldst be gay, and do crimes!"

hey guys ive come up with a new chess strategy. how about we just capture the king

*shakes head* cant beleive tetris has gone corpo man

News is wrong usually it is easier sure to desire. #proverbs

i think it's cool and good when computer programs use the pause/break key for pause

☹️ at computered programs that start fullscreen by default

i have this strange feeling of ennui about nintendo games from around 2010

Without looking it up, how much RAM do you think the Atari 2600 has? I'm really curious how much people ballpark, and how far off they are, so please boost and don't post the reply in the answers.

political hot take 

tucker carlson't

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