"Der Generalsekretär der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Immunologie, Carsten Watzl, teilte mit, er sehe aktuell noch keinen Bedarf für eine generelle Empfehlung zu einer vierten #Impfung. Für immungesunde Menschen gelte, dass der Schutz vor schwerer Erkrankung auch mehr als sechs Monate nach der dritten Impfung noch sehr hoch sei.

Wer wolle, könne sich - auch ohne unter die Stiko-Empfehlung zu fallen - ein viertes Mal impfen lassen, um den Immunschutz wieder in etwa auf ein Niveau wie kurz nach der dritten Impfung zu bringen. Dies schade nicht und man verbaue sich nichts in Bezug auf eine eventuell fünfte Impfung mit einem an #Omikron angepassten Impfstoff."

zdf.de/nachrichten/politik/cor @zdf #Corona #Covid19 #Gesundheit

TIL about the jumpiness of the . Yesterday, at a quarter past nine, as I returned from my evening walk, I caught this astonishingly beautiful sight above the Bernese mountains. I took a meh pic with my fone and thought I'd bring the husband with his camera to share and capture this marvel tonight. However, turns out the moon won't rise until 22:02... by then it will be dark. How could I have not known about this?

The house smells so lovely after an evening of - I made an orange following this super simple, super delicious recipe by Nigella Lawson nigella.com/recipes/clementine - also made some fresh for tomorrow's brunch.

And here she is: Cleopatra (and yes I went all twee and got a helmet in the same color) I am over the moon!

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I am excited like a little girl: tomorrow I can pick up my new ride. I had to wait almost a month for her to be built and delivered. I can't wait! There is a beautiful German word for this feeling: "Vorfreude"

What a nice way to end a sunday: @Richard_Littler introduced my to the excellent composition "Rothko Chapel" by Morton Feldman. The Rothko Chapel in Houston is one of the best rooms on the planet and this music is a wonderful companion piece. I loved it! youtu.be/1ZZ0DYIkaP8

Always wonderful to start Sunday with a soothing - May you be happy, may you be well.

Aujourd'hui, j'ai fait un peu de jardinage. Voici les nouveaux petits bébés Aloe Vera.

to the excellent Carla Bley on this sunny afternoon. Time for some loggia . Here are five of the little ones: jalapeños!

...aaand to the first Shakti with John McLaughlin album. Always liked the title of the last piece: "What need have i for this, what need have I for that? I am dancing at the feet of my lord. All is bliss, all is bliss." youtube.com/watch?v=eTJNdPpjEf

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🎼 🎶 well, it turned into a kind of John McLaughlin morning somehow... to Shakti with JMcL - A Handful of Beauty". Mastery of instruments abounds, but the percussion and tablas by Zakir Hussain and Vikku Vinayakram on "Isis" are just incredible

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