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What is done today will definitely affect tomorrow, while lucky is the result of preparations meet opportunity.

This is the eruption near that has prompted a Advisory for the U.S. West Coast and . It occurred at 0410 UTC today, 1/15/22, and could be heard across the South Pacific and as far away as Alaska

credit: twitter@UWCIMSS

People can remotely run commands on Tesla‘s in 13 countries without the owners knowledge.

This includes disabling Sentry Mode, opening the doors/windows and even starting Keyless Driving.

by exchanging blank diaries or planners and wishing one another a new start

What is good?
It is not always necessary something meets global standard
It is always something fulfilling receiver needs

Settle the past, then move on.
The past won’t settle itself when you move on.
Saviour could take you out, the unsettled past could bring you down again

Not everything is countable, weightable, there’s no system to keep points.
Believe it or not, things made out of love.
Love is the fuel that never dried up :ablobcatheart:

Full autonomy tractor 🚜 farmers no longer need to sit behind the wheel, they can watch behind the phone. Looking forward to seeing this for car in the city :ablobcatbongo:

Keep calm and go on studying, hope we can be the adult who we wanted to be one day.
credit: 不屑是種正能量

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