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This is math! Using the little hard block to construct huge flexible shield like cloth, imagine applying this theory to build solar panels curtains :ablobcatbongo:

credit: Brick Bending

:blobcatknife: Well it’s clean and clear, no input required. Who doesn’t know how to drag?

credit: I am a Programmer, I have no life.

Hope forever ever after last forever ever after…

why Google responded to some requests, while other companies did not?

“authorities could be empowered to search and arrest suspects without a warrant, if they do not comply with requests. Hong Kong staff of service providers based overseas may also be at risk.”

If it hurts, do it more frequently and bring the pain forward. — Jez Humble

:ablobcatbongo: I’m ready, let’s get started

Use senses to think, to choose, to experience and to express, then we realise it and be our own favourite person.
A house is to guard what’s important, 🫀

credit: google map

It’s a general Facebook post introducing mastodon, and it’s from last year… perhaps many user left Facebook to mastodon
@Gargron well done 👏🎉🍾

First attempt on making burgers, not bad, waffles too!! I think I will add lettuce and tomato next time

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Stripe, 2011. I decided to assign a custom ringtone to PagerDuty. Chose the iPhone's duck sound. Many (many) problems and pages followed. Years later, walking through park, I heard a soft quack. Shivered involuntarily, pulse quickened.

And that's how I ruined ducks for myself.

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