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Due to the nearly 7 thousand pictures of Ireland in my folder, I decided to join .social
So, sometimes I'm going to upload some older pictures onto that account.
For whom it is of interest you will find more of my pictures @Anja
Put it in your search bar and then see you (also) there 🤗

Part of my lawn in front of the house is a wild flower bed. Was thought for bees. Now you can see that also the Goldfinch loves it. I counted nine if them. Sorry for the "fog", had to take that picture from inside of the conservatory.

One boat was leaving in tje early morning hours. The second one at lunch time. Long sleeper? 🙃😁

We had to go to Castletownbere for Cara's vaccination. So, we walked a little bit on the Beara way above Castletown. You can see the harbour and the lighthouse on Bere Island.

Good morning everyone. The clouds are back. Now it feels "Irish" again 😉😁

Haven't seen that very often. Two sailing boats in the bay today.

Good morning everyone. 🌞🤗 Still a "Yellow Heat Warning" in Ireland. 30 degrees are really unusual for Ireland. And I'm happy that the night temperatures are only 15 to 17 degrees.

RTE News:
'Yesterday marked the highest August temperature in Ireland since 2003, and 9.3C above its 1981-2010 long-term average.'

No clouds to make the view more exciting 😉 (it's nearly the same like yesterday)
I say good morning everyone on this wonderful summer's day in Ireland.

Good morning everyone. Another sunny summer day has started. Enjoy your day wherever you are ore whatever your weather is like 🌞🌈🤗

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