Three episodes down and I’m rooting for Ted Lasso so hard

.. and the weekend is already coming to an end

Harshal Patel is on the roll today
Very exciting!!

is pretty decent Mastodon App for GTK environments

My inconsistent setup for personal use (mac) and work use (linux) bothers me

Web is pretty cool for keeping PWA style web apps on the Desktop

Ray-Ban Stories
The guy literally says we cannot wait to see the world from your perspective 🤦‍♂️

Finished yet another Agatha Christie novel over the weekend. Starting a new one now

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🕵🏻‍♂️ Wondering what exactly is lurking in your SQLite databases? Never again. sqlite-tui is a keyboard and mouse driven SQLite browser that we think is simply awesome.

Built with Bubble Tea and Lip Gloss!

I’m happy that I’m making steady progress in my Español lessons. I’m at the point where I can partially understand regular sentences.

Estoy feliz 😀

S03E03 is the best episode of Better Call Saul so far for me

My vacation ends mañana. I was nice taking some time off from work. I'm still here with my parents for another week though.

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