Pro Tip: Don't be a jackass to someone with a fork.

Ah, now I remember another reason why I didn't like Beats headphones: the ear cushions would actually stay stiff in the cold. Which happened a lot, I'm in Canada after all. And that made them quite uncomfortable, stiff on-ear "ear pads" aren't, uh, great. Especially not with glasses.
I mean they were already uncomfortable with glasses, but with that, it was almost twice as bad.

I feel like most people stay away from Linux because a lot of people make it seem like an absolute hell, and that if you're not using arch gentoo whatever you're an idiot and things like that, when in reality, no.
Grab Ubuntu or Zorin or Linux Mint, or even Elementary OS, maybe even Manjaro, and you're using Linux. That's it. You don't have to flash a live ISO on your USB flash key, format partitions using fdisk and pacstrap your OS to said partition to experience Linux.

i have been given the tools to destroy this earth's atmosphere

Remember when last year everyone was enraged that The Last of Us Part 2 won the Game Of The Year award? Gee I wonder what'll happen this year.

Does Proton (a Steam Play tool available on Linux) exist for macOS?

Joke about Birdsite and LGBT 

Surprised Birdsite hasn't come up with "Peter Pansexual"

Holy crap we are like 35 days away from 2022

Wait, if video games were a British invention, how the hell did Japan outright dominate it early on (and still kinda do)?

You know what would be actually cool and useful from an "eye tracker"?
Being able to look at other monitors/windows, and having the desktop automatically focus to that window/monitor.
Say you're playing a game, and on your secondary monitor you're.. I dunno, looking at Discord messages, the eye tracker would notice "oh he's looking at the Discord window" and tab out to said window, then once the user's looking back at the game window it tabs back. That would be so damn useful.

oh my god look at what they've done...
they took my 3.5mm headphone jack :(

I find it funny that macOS gamers outweigh Linux gamers, yet us Linux people can actually play more games*.
*: according to my experience and from what I've heard, I'm not a Mac user so I can't say for sure

that was pretty much my experience of using macOS through KVM about 6 months ago

If my phone's earpiece would still work AND if LG wouldn't have left the Canadian model's bootloader locked with no way to unlock it, I'd probably still happily use it and wouldn't be looking for alternatives.


the hell, Qwant Maps doesn't have an Android app?

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