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Oi Oi Oi! Fancy winning HRH Punk III Passes?!

With a ballsy line-up full of icons from the Punk scene this is one gig you WANT to get on your calendar!

Enter Now 👉 hrhpunk.com/comp/

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I thought Sidney the might appreciate a longer walk where he could have time off the lead. No sooner did I unclip his lead but he ran down the hill and back along the road. Luckily, I found him with a lady we'd said hello to ten minutes earlier.

Sidney the is reaching new levels of bizarre today. So far, we have taken from him a watch, a full lemonade bottle, and a jar of honey.
I think he's trying to tell us something.

I got up and juiced. I hope you're impressed. My machine masticates so I don’t have to.

I may be late to the game watching but...
WTAF is going on with their bedroom wallpaper? Did suggest it? (E5, 4 minutes in). Not sure of the analogy.
Anyway, she segued, it's

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Born in a world where reporting domestic violence can get you executed & divorce isn’t an option, Jay settles on a relationship with a relationship coach - which wouldn’t be so bad except his partners’ coaching is more sinister.

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Risk - it's all about history. But there's always a first time. The clues are in the version of the truth we tell ourselves.

Can Beryl and Zak tell who is a victim and who is the murderer?

The Looking Chamber is the first in a series set in .

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Wake up. Get dressed. Catch the bus. Go to work. Crash through a windshield. Feel perfectly fine. Get to work late. Punch your boss through a wall. Flee police at superhuman speed. Go a little nuts. Rob a bank. Now on the run. Today's been a strange day.

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is spectacular with secrets as valuable as the slate.
Hafan Hedd Wynn is a nursing home with a murderer on the loose.
Beryl is a psychologist with a reason to avoid painful connections.
Do you dare to interpret the patterns in The Looking Chamber?

There’s always an unprecedented act of violence. How do you spot it? It’s all in the story-telling. And what has happened to upset young Alice?
Working against time and sinister developments, Beryl and Zak piece the puzzle together – but is it the right way up?

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Salem, 1692. Rebecca, seventeen, is on trial for witchcraft. Her best friend saw her sleeping with the devil and it comes as a shock when doctors prove she isn’t virgin. A death sentence is waiting for her, unless she proves she is innocent

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It's called the caring profession, but who is out of control in the Snowdonia nursing home?
Will psychologist Beryl find out before another one dies? The devil is in the detail.
Classic whodunit with a twist.
The Looking Chamber

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Crescent City x Norse Mythology
While Fallon's court may look down upon her for her mixed blood, that hasn't stopped her from forming an unbreakable bond with the Princess of Hel. Until the princess is murdered and Fallon is left reeling.

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The Looking Chamber:
The night shift isn't going well...
Who is the dead man in the surgery?
Is Alice crazy or are they out to get her?
It's all about the narrative.
Meet Beryl and Zak in their first 'mystery of the mind' set in stunning .

(Apologies to my followers I'm participating in in an effort to rescue my completed novel from the virtual remainder bin)

"I analyse the way the subject crafts their story; the Jackanory, the sacred cows, the touchstones, the schisms, the sophistry. We all tell stories and we all lie."
This is how Beryl predicts risk. But is it enough to uncover a murderer?

I remember sharing @MhairiBlack@twitter.com's maiden speech in the and wishing that we had more MPs like her.

She gets better and better. I love her.
This is a scorcher. Telling it like it is.

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It is vital we discuss the F word or we risk facing regret forever.

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