I usually wait until around Christmas each year to sit down and take a day to give to charities, nonprofits, and community organizations.

This year, I'm trying to make it also be Christmas in July. If you are able, in the way you feel best, consider doing the same.

Interesting interview about how anime production is flattening out and globalizing.

"In today's understaffed industry, it's possible for practically anyone with an online presence and art samples to receive an invitation to work on a Japanese anime."


I've mentioned this before: when my grandmother was about my age, she lost her hearing to an influenza pandemic. As you can imagine, this dramatically changed her life. Infection counts and mortality rates alone don't tell the whole story we need to hear.


If you're in Japan and have received your vaccination coupon, look for clinics using v-sys.mhlw.go.jp/search/

Many clinics are accepting reservations from everyone with a coupon, regardless of city or age -- especially from existing patients. They're just not advertising it.

A few weeks ago, against my wishes, the Baltimore Sun canceled my subscription. It's not just readers.

(I had complained that they were spamming my inbox with emails. They ignored what I wrote twice, and ended my paid subscription).

There are digital-native alternatives like baltimorebrew.com/ and baltimorefishbowl.com/ that do some things very well -- but they're not a newspaper of record like the Sun. It's unfortunate many local papers have adapted so poorly.


I finally finished writing a brief appreciation of Frasier (and Star Trek) that was many years in the making.



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