Actually that did not help at all.

The real problem was that /#kde/#alsa thinks the headphone jack is a microphone jack, so I need to enable the "input source" "headset mic" in alsamixer's "capture" settings to get the output working.

Restarting it might have toggled the seting randomly

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The pdf viewer can be patched to show a virtual laser pointer for online presentations in

Wie man herausfindet von welchen Autoren man am meisten aus einer ausgeliehen hatte

I also tried to make a backup of my files on

After burning the files for 20 minutes, k3b reports
(a) 4 GB of files were burned on the DVD
(b) the DVD is now completely empty

I have spent 2 months trying to get my headphones working properly on .

sudo alsactl restore

was the solution.

And I also need systemctl restart pulseaudio.service before it can play anything on headphones or speakers