Dangerous music - Biesentales 45 - Der verregnete Sommer 

Biesentales #45 - der verregnete Sommer.


Hosted by jayrope - (fr)is(s)t, was es ist. @jayrope

Field recordings, modern classical music. Mostly very calm, without much of a sense of linear time.

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Dangerously relaxed 

It's been extremely cosy to play for Moviemiento @ Wokule on July 10th.
@jayrope @biesentales

Free entry. Feel free to boost :D We're going to play at Wokule Biesenthal for the first time since Sept 2020 on coming Saturday, July 10th, 20:30-21:30.
We're excited.
This will be a concert & reading as part of Moviemientos summer film screening series, outdoors, at the lake.



Note: There's no streaming available...

Surprise: Live concerts have come up for summer:

Air Cushion Finish
10.07. : DE-Biesenthal @ Stadt-Land-Fluß, Moviemiento@Wokule e.V., 18:00
31.07. : DE-Neubrandenburg @ Detect Classic Festival, 22:00
11.09. : DE-Rostock @ Galerie Goldwerk, 19:00
22.09. : DE-Berlin @ HAU2, Themenetage ZODIAK, 20:00

More info: kliklak.net/live-dates/

Frisch aus der Sendung ins Archiv:
Biesentales #43: Molecular winds - hosted by jayrope.


1 hour of rather funny, absurd, noisy, personal, DIY & funky things, brandnew music pearls
- leading at last to uncut 30 mins w/ the infamous Fake
Feelings Institute, remastered by Radio Mulot (thank you!).

Tracklist w/ artists & sources @

Biesentales' Bob Drop, Lippstueck (as Samtbody, also @acf) and Claes are in charge of episode #42 "Die fragwürdigste aller Antworten" (most questionable of all answers).
unlikely reportagen from the depths of süddeutsche orgelpfeifen, humuskocher & schellenkinder, lautwandlungen, wir-starke kunsthandlungen, ein magisches science book, rataplan, rataplan…



That is to say ::
Have an analog day.

(Claymbals made by Maia Beyrouti)

Currently experimenting with cymbals made from clay for a new composition.

Excellent political image bombing of Iceland's volcano live stream few hours ago. Bravo, and to the people who did it!

Could someone hack the stream right on location, digitally, to broadcast watermarks like that constantly? Then ruv.is couldn't display a waiting screen anymore to shut this off, while they let everyone else "greet" as long as it qualifies as just camera addiction.

Biesentales Lippstueck (also @acf) is in charge of episode #41 "… und die tauben fielen aus den wolken wie schnee". (and the doves fell from the clouds like snow).
Here is almost a virtual tour through our countryside camp in Biesenthal. A lot of poetry (German), a lot of athmospheres, sauna, terrace, lake-sided, outdoors.


The Dead Mauriacs is Olivier Prieur from France, and there's a phantastic podcast summarizing his exotic electronica approach here, enjoy!


Biesentales' Suetszu presents her Poetic Capsule #11: Uncomfortable Truth. She comments "Mirror mirror on the wall what is the truth behind us all… A reflection through great songs on our human condition, questioning our anger and violence, trying to understand the mechanisms that drive us to self destruction."



Biesentales #40 "Stirred up lives", hosted by jayrope, is up for re-listening on Mixcloud. This is an intense & percussion-heavy broadcast of 90 mins, which shall be understood as an invitation - or even a roll call - to mutate.



We are looking for a funkwhale type of site with social media features, such as following and comments, to let us host more than 3GB.
We'd like to make our radio broadcasts generally available to everyone including people without the limits of accounts on sites, such as Mixcloud, Mixlr, Soundloud, Youtube etc., without user tracking, ads, or a corporate owner.

Any recommendations?

Biesentales #38 (not #37), now up for relistening.

@jayrope - Young Minds Together -
Yaxu - John Adams - ESG -
@flavigula - Ansgar Wilken - Dick Tree - Jack Jack - F.S. Blumm -
@gavcloud -
Scheiss die Wand an - @acf - @oliea - Rope -
Naoto Kawate/Soren Brothers

*Enjoy & please share.


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