We are looking for a funkwhale type of site with social media features, such as following and comments, to let us host more than 3GB.
We'd like to make our radio broadcasts generally available to everyone including people without the limits of accounts on sites, such as Mixcloud, Mixlr, Soundloud, Youtube etc., without user tracking, ads, or a corporate owner.

Any recommendations?

Biesentales #38 (not #37), now up for relistening.

@jayrope - Young Minds Together -
Yaxu - John Adams - ESG -
@flavigula - Ansgar Wilken - Dick Tree - Jack Jack - F.S. Blumm -
@gavcloud -
Scheiss die Wand an - @acf - @oliea - Rope -
Naoto Kawate/Soren Brothers

*Enjoy & please share.


Next Biesentales radio show: in one hour, Berlin time CET 1630-1800 - #37 - i had a car like that before


Hosted by jayrope today. Tempo versus energy consumption versus density. Ranging from modern classical via ESG via private recordings via Berlin & Canadian buddies to piano & jazztronica findings from the fediverse.
Update applied, now what? Was it really applied? Young minds, together, will show the path.

Starting with the latest radio show and going all the way back to number one:

Biesentales' recording artist Suetszu will have all 9 of her Poetic Capsule radio shows streamed tomorrow Jan 1st, 10 am to 2:33 pm (CET) on Sphere Radio.


#leipzig @suetszu

Stomach problems after 2 days of superflously luxurious fat-food? Here's something light for you: A recording of last year's annual Xmas concert at Berlin's Kugelbahn (momentarily closed due to quaratine regulations) - this is by now the last concert of a whol series taking place every year at the 26th od december.

Enjoy, sit back, forget your stomach problems, on large speakers & headphones.


@electret Here's our set from September. The radio art/literature part fades out over the first 20 mins. open.audio/library/tracks/1032

Here's a recent live rcording from Meakusma festival in Belgium - glad to have had Jonas Petri as a guest on Daf (persian frame drum) within our set!


Air Cushion Finish are Lippstueck & jayrope from Berlin/Biesenthal, refugees from the corpoverse.

We made 11 albums since 2008.
3 of them on 12".
Uncommon & downtempo music.

By Dec. 20 2020 our complete discography on is 60% off. Give a musical antidote to yourself & your loved ones.


Please share con un beso.


📻 Archived broadcast #37 - Fediversed, superimposed on what is:

Quite a ride, focused and fine.

Featured artists
Angel Bat Dawid, Joshua Abrams, Dopaminefield, Tim Rowe & Flavigula, Richard Barrett, Sciss, Olivier Messiaen/Peter Siegele, Chris Abrahams, Luka Prinčič, Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi and Lezet, jayrope, Irma Thomas, Irreversible Entanglements, Exquisite Corp

@luka @thelonius @exquisitecorp @jayrope @sciss @flavigula

📻 Today: Biesentales , broadcast #37, 16:30-18:00 time (CET).


At quarantime, broadcasts are preproduced, this one created/hosted by jayrope.
First excellent music findings from the interplay with 1930s pipe organ music here, but as well with chicago , preconceived impros for many players, pure data patches, etc.
, , .


P.S. Show will be archived at same URL incl. tracklist - soon after.

Biesentales recording artist @suetszu does called "Capsules" of 30 mins each on 's Sphere Radio.

Choosing a topic for a documentary at first, she then looks for music, that fits the topic.

The resulting broadcasts could be called , as she favours music she found over language-based documentation, effectively creating new musical ways to see a given topic.
Pretty great! And full of music you might otherwise never find. Incl. tracklists.


radio - 36: cashmereradio.com/episode/bies

Incl. these artists:
Ledward Kaapana
Bob Brozman
Waltzing Matilda
David Lynch
Dona Dumitru Siminica
Paco De Lucia
Remo De Vico
Mattis Manzel
Suetszu & jayrope
Montagne Sainte Genevieve
Flambée Montalbanaise
Hermann Tieme
Jenny Wilson
Land Of Kush's Egyptian Light Orchestra
Chad VanGaalen
Clara Rockmore
Jim Backus & Friend
Slim Gaillard
Hongkong 45s
[...] Music of the Modern Aztecs
Jimmy Hughes
Hassle Hound



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