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It looks like we finally got rid of our Mixlr account for unannounced radio shows: Now here (RIGHT NOW IN FACT)

Die beste Musik der Welt, natürlich aus Biesenthal. *Enjoy.

Biesentales #53 is up (sorry, late): Hosted by DJs & , 2 days after Ukraine war started:

Es ist dies keine Auszeit vom Krieg.

This gapless dj set rests itself someplace between illbient and familiar slower beat genres, expanding into Serbian folklore, Arabian Hiphop and also experimental realms - a timelessly mooded mix from Biesentales' homezone in the countryside near Berlin.

Here's the archived version of Biesentales #54 "You've got to be able to lance a lot":

featuring special music works by @flavigula & @suetszu as well as a released work by @exquisitecorp

- see tracklisting there for further artist links.

In 1 hour on
(16h30-18h00 CET):

For Biesentales 54 artists @flavigula & @suetszu each contributed a music piece, partly with "war & peace" as backthought in creating their compositions.

Hosted by @jayrope "You've got to be able to lance a lot" broadly plays daring music of today, aiming to illustrate, that a regular diet of such educates to be awake, clever & to process contradictory & situations in a friendly way.

Biesentales #52 - Overpack.
Now online for re-listening.

This episode - hosted by @jayrope - really is an broadcast, featuring a wordless & calm selection of mostly composed contemporary electronica crossing-over into jazz and improvisation, with a nod towards clarinets, percussion & .


To any musicians on Bandcamp:

Can you ask the Bandcamp support, why they use Google Analytics with their shared players?
I myself do not want to have _my listeners on my_ sites tracked unasked by Google
_at all_.
This is also a legal issue for any site owner within the EU.

I've asked BC's support already, yet unanswered. If we were many asking this we can form a critical mass around this issue.

Thank you for all you do & please boost.

CW Mixcloud (tracking) - Suetszu, New Year mix, starting from scratch 

My dear friend Suetszu (Barcelona/Costa Rica) made a great 1h music mix for the New Year, starting from scratch.
Her music approach is mostly unmatched among my music compiling friends. Lovely stuff.
(Mixcloud still sucks and tracks, will try talk her into using a Funkwhale, too)

hanebüchen vorproduziert, eingeübt & ausgestülpt, als ein moderator unter diversen zeitsprüngen seine zeitliche gegenwart zu verschleiern versuchte.

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Morgen am 1.1.22, 14h-18h -
Biesentales #51 - "Vorgeschnitten/live am 1.1.22"

ein dokument
ästhetischen beharrens von grossem aussagewert.

... in
kurz schneebedeckten hütten am seerande kamen zusammen die unverfrorenheit & spiellust einer handverlesenen schar.
klaus körper, bob drop & der birdkeeper - fanden sich in ihrer selbsterkorenen lieblingskneipe
des niederbarnim, der „shootinghall“ ein, um der verwirrung freien
lauf zu lassen.


Is being overrun by ad & ? Most of these obviously bot-generated profiles look like coming from the same origin.

Could help to block registration by IP eventually. Do you see this, too, @Gargron ?

Knut Aufermann's ...

... "Compression Chamber" at Seanaps Radio Lab 2019

Note: Mixcloud tracks listeners (Google, Facebook, Stripe).
Make sure to use common tracking protection.

It looks like we finally got rid of our Mixlr account for unannounced radio shows: Now here (RIGHT NOW IN FACT)

Die beste Musik der Welt, natürlich aus Biesenthal. *Enjoy.

Are you a "poplar morning person"?

Over the course of 4 longer pieces & a bonus track i've worked iridescence, color, depth, texture, w/o generic repetition, harmony, melody or tuning.

*Enjoy, + I'd appreciate your . Thank you.

Inspired by early works of John Hudak & Eliane Radigue.

Note: Alien, strange & otherworldly eventually turn into companions by meetings & conversing.

Biesentales #50 zum Nachhörn:

Maximilian Glass & jayrope hören der Küche zu, dem Plattenspieler darin, und unterhalten tun sie sich dann auch. Natürlich über die Kunst, auch der Musik, mit viel Kaffee, und Selbstgebautem, Klingendem auf dem Tisch.

Happy to report: Our 12th full length album "Lamb's Quarters" is out now:

This relaxed future music experience is a collaboration by ACF and Canadian tape artist Nick Kuepfer, recorded at Nick Kuepfer's permaculture farm in Ontario, Canada. A timeless document from June 2014.
Cover artwork by the one and only Bob Drop.

It's - and we'd appreciate your boost.
Thank you and *ENJOY*

Now that Berlin's hast moved from Lichtenberg to Wedding, starting a new, exciting radiophonic collaboration time today and for the next 2 months, with a multitude of artists:

"Your touch makes the waves"

Details in image info (mouse over) or at

Note: Proof of 2G+ (vaccinated or recovered, and a certified rapid or PCR test negative result from within 24 hours) will be required to enter.

See you there?


Biesentales #48 now upped for timeless relisteners. Extremely good music.
File under: Your glitching mind gives me p(e)ace.

Decrypt: “Eyh haste ma fuffzisch Euro, ich muß zu meiner kranken Mutti nach Westdeutschland! Ne Kippe, vielleischt? N paar Cents fürn Bier? Mann eyh, dit jibs do nich. Ja, so siehste och aus.”


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