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I think I'm going to be posting some pictures here, but they're random, and I have no idea where they came from or who did them, so sorry about that.

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Let's just get rid of the bad people. I think we'd be better off.

The last public payphone in NYC was disconnected today:

How weird that something that ubiquitous could disappear so quickly. They were just part of the background texture, unless you actually needed one. And now—they're just not a thing.

Who thought that voice telecom, which used to cost enough to make all those phones (not to mention the companies behind them) profitable, is now "too cheap to meter"—but electricity isn't even close.
#telecom #history #phone

Still kind of stunned at how complicated and unreliable SAMBA/SMB is.

This show called Marriage Bootcamp Reality something something just came on TV and I want to know why we let the people responsible for this kind of thing go unpunished?

I have the TV on, not really paying attention, and this shit comes on and WHAT THE FUCK AM I WATCHING!

Proper safety labels are paramount to a good work environment

I'm posting middle of the night things and for some people it's morning.
Sorry about the vibe. Draw the curtains and go back to bed.

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