Hey folks! Worried about inflation? Skeptical of what pundits say about it? Here's an event for you:

A salon on the science and ideology of inflation, hosted by Josh Levent and myself.

Jun 10 @ 10am. Register here:


Anthropologist Joseph Henrich's book 'The WEIRDest People in the World' tells the improbable origin story of Western culture. It's a major contribution to the field of cultural evolution. Here is my in-depth review.


Interested in cultural evolution? Then stay tuned ... tomorrow I'm dropping a massive review of Joseph Henrich's book 'The WEIRDest People in the World'.


Does anyone know why wordpress doesn't let you upload text files to the media library? I've heard that this is because of 'security concerns'. But that seems odd, considering that github is filled with text files.

I had my first near disaster with the command line yesterday. I typed 'trash *' (delete everything) thinking I was in my downloads folder. But I was actually in my home directory.

Luckily the trash function is reversible, which is why I use it instead of the Unix rm command.

Here's an old chart with renewed relevance, given Musk's take over of Twitter. On the US Supreme Court, free speech wins for business track closely with the share of corporate profit in national income.


In this post, James McMahon uses a clever analysis of film ratings to show how Hollywood shapes cinema. The blockbuster machine wants movies that are P-13. Directors think an R rating gives more creativity. Who do you think wins?


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Computers are magical. Today, I've been thinking about the many scripts that run everyday on my computer. If I had to do these tasks manually, I would have no time to do anything else. And yet most days, I'm not even aware that these scripts are running. Magic!

Winning 2nd prize was Yuri Di Liberto's investigation of 'hype' in capitalism. He thinks that hype is a way to suppress resistance to capitalism by inducing people to engage in hedonistic activity. 3/4


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In his prize-winning paper, Chris Moure looks at how privatized healthcare has fared in the battle against COVID-19. His answer? It's been a disaster.

In countries with privatized healthcare, more healthcare spending led to *more* COVID-19 deaths. 2/4


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I'm happy to announce the winners of this year's Capital as Power Essay Prize. Congrats to Chris Moure and Yuri DiLiberto for their prize-winning papers. 1/4


Joseph Henrich notes a long-term correlation between declining interest rates and declining murder rates. Both, he argues, indicate that people are becoming more 'patient'.

What do you think of this hypothesis?


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Is it just me who thinks Saturday night is a great time to rebuild all of my R packages?

Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic) on Duke University's toxic strain of trademark bullying:

"universities have reinvented themselves as brand-factories and oriented their activities around slapping their logos on random shit and selling it."


A good post by Data Colada.

"scientific transparency does not attest to the validity of the claims made in a paper; rather, it attests to the evaluability of those claims."


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