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It is not every day that we get to announce an awesome Blender update. Read the changes (and see their awesome images) at u.fsf.org/3lq | @blender is #FreeSoftware, which means that users can do their creative work in freedom. Help us cheer them by boosting and liking!

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🥵 needed at ! I'm working hard core on at the moment. And cannot do everything at once.

If you know how to:
- Research info about
- Make files.

Please take a loot at this issue:


A YouTube channel with over 1.2M subscribers is regularly using a sound effect I've made with ZynAddSubFX and LMMS 9 years ago. Proof in the attached screenshot.

Video in question: youtu.be/ey06E4iEXzg?t=449

My SFX: freesound.org/people/unfa/soun (last sound in the sequence)

Yup. My CC0-licensed work is going places :) And that's ok! I love Kyle's videos.

#unfa #SFX #SoundDesign #KyleHill

New Pepper&Carrot derivation: a short scene animated coming with a fully detailed #krita and #b3d making-of. A project done by Purism's Creative Director @francois .

You can read the full making-of here: puri.sm/posts/animating-pepper

I really liked the result and all the production tips on the article (the compositing!). A very good resource if you are interested into animation with Free/Libre and Open Source tools.

#MastoArt #CC-By-Sa

Votes for the poll are closed now. What a... hum hum... "lovely?" color. 😆

Thank you for all the participations! Now I'll try to paint a fantasy landscape with this one as my dominant color. I'll toot it here soon.

( If other artists around want to give this challenge a try , we can tag our toots with the hex address: #5b7376 to collect and discover them )

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Here is an example of an unwanted :

- GKT Native Operations Main Environment

- GIMP Tool Kit

- GNU Image Manipulations Program

- GNU's Not UNIX

- GNU's Not UNIX

- GNU's Not UNIX

- GNU's Not UNIX



A testimonial from a new FSF member: "The world, especially in its current state needs advocacy of the Free Software principles more than ever. I joined to help advocate that cause." Support #FreeSoftware fsf.org

The FSF is hiring! Please see the following page for information about the Program Manager and part-time Bookkeeper positions. u.fsf.org/3l0

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