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@blenderdumbass No, I created a new channel under my exiting account. Ok, I found the option now. It should work.
I am sure this option was not there yesterday when I tried though.

One thing is to have your dad and small brothers use GNU / Linux as their operating system. Another thing is to see that his wife ( not my mom ) is going so far as to use Invidious to watch YouTube. While I revealed it to dad only last month.

I was passing through a shopping mall today and the sight reminded me of Nazi Germany images. I had long vertical posters standing on both sides like an alley, with a red topping and bottoming. All of them promoted something evil that inspires in people worship. I looked at it and felt like the Wold War III is here. There were posters promoting the new iPhone 13.

What is freedom 3? The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others. By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes.

New versions of Windows might change the UI or underlying components, but they don't change the only thing important to know about Windows: it's nonfree software. Choose software that actually respects its users instead.

It looks like some phones have a feature similar to but that does the opposite. It blocks all from running on the phone. Telling the users that it's not .

When a written almost 100 years ago is extremely relevant for today. I just had purchased a physical copy of George Orwell 1984. 👁️


"Computing in the 90's VS computing in 2018"

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Could just as well be Irish and Dutch :P
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Irish and German people offering things

Our LibreOffice Conference 2021 took place online this year, but some members of the German-speaking community met in Hamburg to make it a "hybrid" event:

Check this out! Youth Hacking 4 Freedom – from the FSFE. If you're 14-18 years old and live in Europe, you can work on a free software project of your choice and get a chance to win cash awards:

What is harder?

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