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Realized I've never made an introduction post and I've been here almost a year! 😂 I study the brain and how disorders like schizophrenia develop and play out. I am not a medical doctor of any sort, but I do research for a living. For fun currently I read, play games on my phone, and watch anime, not in that order. I have no hobbies or artistic tendencies--love art, can't make it. My sweetie and I live in the southeast US, and I am a firm believer in not knowing the future.

What I'm watching now... A certain scientific railgun! (which is a title that makes more sense once you see the show)

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I was wondering if people insisting on getting ivermectin for COVID were likely to be taking themselves out of the timeline a little earlier than usual. Apparently, that is not the case: They won't do themselves a freakin' bit of good for COVID, but they probably won't be hurt by it either. Figure 4 in this review pretty much sums up the evidence so far vis a vis adverse events, as well as efficacy--

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2 Disabled Trans Queer Adults seeking housing!!

my husband and i need to move out of our current situation as quickly as possible, we are seeking either roommates or cheap housing basically anywhere in the US

we have 2 dogs, both are very well-behaved and quiet. 1 is a blue heeler mix and the other is a bully mix

the only stipulations i have is that i need to be able to get state insurance, as i am poor and disabled. Places with legal marijuana are a plus

DM me if you have any info!!

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I'm looking for charities that help address:
1. housing issues, especially fuel poverty
2. support for groups in crisis (LGBT, First Nations, etc), or
3. climate change, meaningfully changing the way industries work

What specific charities in these areas should we be supporting?

The row of breweries near us have all survived the last 18 months, and on a lovely October evening with all the pub doors open and outdoor seating all nicely spaced out, a stroll from pub to pub trying the various dark beers is an incredible step toward normalcy again. (Mask on if indoors, mask off outdoors--not crowded, so anxiety was mitigated.) 😁 We even ran into a friend who was also out with their family for the first time since 2020!

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I have seen the greatest minds of my generation...
...completely slammed by some of the other greatest minds. That's scientific review for you, honey!! 😄

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(don't blink!) Three of the five contestants on the Norwegian show made it more than 20 minutes, two of them by holding their eyes open with their fingers. That was bad enough, but the third one was CREEPY. He just didn't blink. No force, no effort, not using his hands. Just lying about, chatting, making phone calls--all the while NOT BLINKING. He did it for *HOURS*. He said the next day he was seeing double out of each eye, and I'm not surprised. I thought he'd do himself permanent damage!

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Watching Norwegian Task Master is definitely growing on me. But the episode we watched the other day (it's from Season 1, so a few years ago!) they did the task of "Don't blink, for as long as you can"--on the British version the winner held out for 7 minutes, which was just bizarre to think about when we saw it--but the winner on the Norwegian one was a *psychopath*. /cont

hee hee hee--as part of a Japanese language learning thread I roped myself into watching しろくまカフェ, Shirokuma's Cafe, or since Shiro = White and Kuma = Bear, Polar Bear's Cafe. It's an older show and aimed at a younger audience, so out of date; but it's a mighty cheerful way to listen to Japanese and try to figure out what they are saying. Polar Bear always misunderstands what people are saying and makes puns, which are then quickly explained, like it's Sesame Street. 😄 Kowaii! 😂

Whoof. Got the flu vaccine together with the first shingles shot yesterday, and by yesterday evening I was running nasty fever. Spent the day sleeping and hanging out under the blankies, and feel better now than I have in weeks, to be honest. 😁 Let's hear it for sleeping for 12+ hours...

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First got me thinking about Van Gogh with a Mary Oliver poem. And then I came across this not-sunflowery painting by Van Gogh. Sigh, Friday.

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Sooo many people are having trouble getting or keeping their shit together these days, and beating themselves up for it. 😥 For falling short on family, work, health, cleaning the house, social engagement (where possible), social activism, etc. "I really have to get my shit together and I suck" is a really common refrain... It's a good bet that anyone you interact with is feeling that way, these days!

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"Is America experiencing an unofficial general strike?
Robert Reich
Across the country, people are refusing to return to backbreaking or mind-numbing low-wage jobs"

"Corporate America wants to frame this as a “labor shortage.” Wrong. What’s really going on is more accurately described as a living-wage shortage, a hazard pay shortage, a childcare shortage, a paid sick leave shortage, and a healthcare shortage."

I am attending virtually the World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics this week, which so far has been fantastic. I am torn between a session starting in a few minutes on techniques I need for my work, and another looking at racism in psychiatric genetics historically and currently and what that means for the field. The first one is more useful for me but I think I want to see the racism one...

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