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150 Years Ago, a Philosopher Showed Why It’s Pointless to Start Arguments on the Internet

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The fact that nothing was done for suffering Americans prior to this is disgusting. And yet many Americans voted for some of these very people who don't give a damn about their suffering. It's totally confounding.

The Republican-controllled Senate could just PASS THE HEROES ACT WHICH CLEARED THE HOUSE IN MAY. They could have done it at any point before now and help would be there.

Group of senators prepares $908 billion stimulus plan, aiming to break partisan logjam:

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Congratulations to Heather Patton, who won with 1st place overall in the GSU Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference for 2020! Heather presented on the relationship between religion/spirituality & interest in internet-based therapy. Congratulations, Heather! #GSUPsychology

It is Not Fun living in Georgia right now. Even though I'm indoors always and my life is completely mediated through electronic access, I can't escape the incredible tensions over the January Senate vote. I think I have to sign up to write postcards to voters, just to do SOMETHING to reduce the stress.

To everyone who celebrated yesterday, I hope you had a wonderful time! For those for whom it was just Thursday, I hope you had a productive day!!

Ha! I had gotten to a point in where Montblanc Noland shows up, and I was very distracted because he sounded EXACTLY like Jiraiya from . It was bothering me so much, I looked it up--and it turns out it is the same guy! The ears don't lie. 😉

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A new article in Current Opinion in Psychology by Page Anderson & Anthony Molloy at Georgia State looks as the impact of virtual reality on access to exposure therapy & recovery from anxiety. They report on attitudes toward virtual reality and future avenues for research.

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I am unwontedly pleased that I've learned enough Japanese that when someone in an anime says, "What is THAT?" I can understand what they said, even if they said it in a different order than I was taught. Baby steps, yo.😂 [the tutorials say in Japanese it should be That [subject marker] what is? and the person said basically, what is that? in the English order; I think for the humor effect because it sounds funnier given the sounds the way the character made them...]

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Getting post-Y2k flashbacks from reactions to the 2020 election.

"All that fuss and nothing happened."



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@TonyStark Staying home and having zoom gatherings is preferable to trying to plan a funeral because of ignoring CDC guidelines. There are 4 of us in my home, and that's all that will be eating dinner here. I want my husband and Mom to be with me for many more years. Missing one dinner is a small price to pay to keep breathing. I hope everyone wises up. Love and blessings to all of you and yours. Stay safe!

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Such a relief. I did have a moment's doubt late last week, whether they would be swayed by his shenanigans.

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Gore Vidal and William Buckley debates, 1968, one of several -- Apparently it was Vidal who came up with "The Republicans believe in spreading the wealth AMONG THEMSELVES, they get far more subsidies than the poor do, (and believe in) socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor"."

When you have a close family member who is a rightwing nutbag, who didn't use to be, and who you don't want to just Not Talk To Ever Again--it gets really depressing, in large part because you have to measure and countermeasure everything you say, to try to encourage dialogue without devolving into screaming, which means you end up thinking about the whole depressing situation much much more so than if you weren't dealing with them... 😥

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Sgt. Pickles (my new kitten) is exploring everything right now. This is encouraging!

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@chiasm That sounds delicious!!! 😋

I replaced my ice cream menu with a small bottle of Bacardi 151 and..... a straw. 😆

2020’s rough, you know? lol

Letters of recommendation for December deadlines--two kids trying for PhD programs in neuroscience, one in cognitive neuroscience, and one in math. 😁 They could all be marvelous!! But funding is tight all around the country this year, so it's going to be dicey.

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@chiasm oh yeah, definitely! well prior to getting this one I was used to the Gillette type razors where they angle the blade for you. This type you have to angle it yourself. I'm getting better at it!

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