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Realized I've never made an introduction post and I've been here almost a year! 😂 I study the brain and how disorders like schizophrenia develop and play out. I am not a medical doctor of any sort, but I do research for a living. For fun currently I read, play games on my phone, and watch anime, not in that order. I have no hobbies or artistic tendencies--love art, can't make it. My sweetie and I live in the southeast US, and I am a firm believer in not knowing the future.

It's Friday!! Not that that means anything until my grant proposal goes in. Sigh...

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“Some of the people loudly calling for a return to the office are not the same people who will actually be returning to the office regularly.”

Made it to Level 3 on Wanikani, and I have another week before I have to think about it, but I'm probably going to plunk down some $ to keep using it. I can already see how it's integrating with what I'm doing on Duolingo, and helping me see what some of the symbols mean, while DL has already introduced me to a lot of the stuff WK is showing me on level 3. Coordinated education for the win, eh? My sweetie points out I will never live in Japan, so why; but learning this is fulfilling.

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gently stressed about the groceries in particular because we're running out of a lot of stuff my partner can eat, he has celiac

please consider sending me a few bucks to buy us food, we are $80 away from grocery goal

and we are $900 away from goal to have our stuff from CO sent to us

donation info in post above!!

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Nice to hear the Mash Report has been picked up by a different channel after the BBC axed it for being too woke and not sufficiently promoting the views of the Conservative party.

Good work #dave #tv

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if this motherfucker world takes Bob Odenkirk from me i will rampage

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Phil wasn’t qualified to perform his own risk assessment. Neither were many people that listened to him. Phil could have used his platform and influence for better things besides encouraging sickness and death.

How many stories have we seen like this?

Could more "conservatives" come to this conclusion the rest of us are aware of before the diagnosis, severe illness, and hospitalization?

Don't be like Phil. #GetVaccinated

After Covid Diagnosis, a Conservative Radio Host Sends a New Message:

I have made it to Level 2 of Wanikani, and am nearly to level 3. But the beginner's guides say levels 1 and 2 are the fast-moving levels, and after that it slows down. I'm taking a week or more on each one, so I will be here for-freakin-ever... 🤣 Shoulda done this when I was young and had gray matter that functioned!

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plague, masks, anti-vax 

Dear anti-vaxers: thank you so much for the new nationwide mask mandate.

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It is truly pitiful that we as a country find ourselves with just 2 Republican Congresspeople willing to defend democracy.

Deadlines are icumin in, ludd sing cuckoo... 🤣

Honestly, I make one post as a newbie on the Wanikani site and I'm promptly told I put the post in the wrong topic section. SIGH. Idjit. I even read the rules before posting but then forgot. If I can't remember the rules how am I ever going to remember the lessons... 😜

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i feel silly not realizing that Labyrinth is just The Wizard of Oz

• Hoggle ≈ The Lion
• Ludo ≈ The Scarecrow
• Sir Didymus ≈ The Tin Man

@thor there we go, Sunday evening the US media finally says something about the meteor in Norway. 😁

Stopped off at a Target yesterday, first time in probably 6 months or more. The stores were re-stocked for the first time we'd seen since March 2020 (though that might have happened 6 mos ago, I dunno). It was *lovely* to not have to pick an offbrand tissue roll and limit ourselves to only one thing of paper towels. I thought I saw nearly everyone wearing a mask, too, though my sweetie said they saw more people unmasked. So probably a higher masking rate than our current vaccination rate...

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@chiasm ambition is not created equal. Let’s start with intention

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From what I've read about Oxytocin, there are a lot of memory triggers associated with it. It's the bonding hormone.

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Congratulations to those in São Paulo who burned the statue of Borba Gato, a 17th-century perpetrator of colonial violence.

To quote our comrades in Brazil, "If monuments still honor slavers and rapists, it is because the system they built is still standing." Let's take it down.

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If you're #newhere and haven't done so, send an #introduction toot. There's no corporate overlord here, spurring on engagement to make money, so you are the one creating engagement as you wish. Kinda cool, isn't it?

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