Not eating out at all for the past year has been very good for me and my health, though I know it has been hell for restaurants and people in the food/hospitality services. 😥

Booze and pandemics 

Wow huh, it has been just over a year at this point since my hubby and I have been out to a restaurant or a bar. Given we used to eat out 3-5 days a week, this has been a surprisingly unproblematic constraint due to the pandemic. Mind you, he's developed amazingly tasty skills as a bartender over the past 12 months--the dining room is all liquor bottles. 😊 I'm not sure I'll be able to pay $10-12/cocktail at a bar again when I know I can get as good and better at home...

Ok, revised paper approved by all co-authors resubmitted. Letter of recommendation submitted for student. Seed grant submitted for internal funding. External NIH grant going out tomorrow, and I've done all I can on it. I'm off of work until tomorrow! 😁

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Hm. What would a world where we'd fixed schizophrenia look like? What would we have to have learned about perception, cognition, memory, the sense of self and other, emotions, mind/brain relationships from the synapse to the system, in order to fix those problems? I wonder what ideas we're going to have to give up on, what concepts are going to have to morph into others, so we can hold those answers in our heads. 🧐

my word it's a beautiful chaos, to dig into all the different threads and approaches and theories and findings, to find connections and suggestions and ideas. It reminds me of why I wanted to go for a psych PhD in the first place, rather than math--the limit of what we know is *Right There*, just out of reach, I can *see* it. Schizophrenia is about reality (much like dementia, but different!), how can it not be enthralling?

Y'know, here's the thing: I can feel like I'm flailing, wasting my time, nothing I do will amount to diddlysquat or make any contribution, have any impact. But then I dig into the schizophrenia research literature and just get all fired up all over again--it's a devastating disease that I wouldn't wish on anyone, but /1

Motivation. Wonderful stuff, if you can find it... 🧐 I'm sure I left some around here somewhere!

I am amused that one of the women I admire most in the scientific world is also zooming these days from a pink guest bedroom complete with daybed and books everywhere. 😃 I thought I was the only one who didn't have a white walled office set up--but she and I are a match! Hah!

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Tucker Carlson Suggests QAnon Doesn’t Exist Because He Can’t Find Its Website

The Fox News host said he and his team spent “all day” trying to locate the conspiracy theory, which he’s now claiming was made up by the left.

#tuckercarlson #idiot #uspol #cult45 #qanon #qanoncult

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Congrats to Lindsey Cohen (Chair of the GSU Psych dept!), whose article “Gender Bias in Pediatric Pain Assessment” (co-authored with collaborators at Yale University) was the Top Cited Article published in 2019 in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology.

No sleep last night. Teaching today is going to be a challenge... 😠

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Interesting commentary aboutthe #WHO investigation on the origin of #sars_cov_2

At a glance, little known at the moment, investigations ongoing. Anyway a enlightening insight into the considerations made by the investigators.


Oy. I sat down at 9 am to respond to reviewers' comments and revise a paper--I already had a good draft of the response to the comments, I thought I just needed to work it into the manuscript, done by noon-ish or so. Over EIGHT HOURS LATER I can finally send the completed response to revisions letter and the revised manuscript to co-authors for their input. That was harder work than I expected... Clearly some skills have been atrophying lately, sigh.

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Americans, take note:

Scalise and McConnell are already sending around memos urging Republicans to vote "no" on a bill to rescue Americans who have been suffering for over a year due to largely to Republican incompetence to respond to the pandemic.

This is the modern GOP--willing to shove through a gigantic tax break for corporations and the wealthy without even reading the bill (remember the pictures of language changes scribbled in the margins of the bill?), but determined to destroy legislation to save the American people before it even gets to the floor. The Treason Section of the Republican Party is so fundamentally anti-American, it's sick. #VoteThemOut #2022IsComing

Republicans Struggle to Derail Increasingly Popular Stimulus Package-
Polls show a $1.9 trillion rescue plan polls strongly across the country, including with many Republican voters, despite a scattershot series of attacks from congressional Republicans:

Just like I used to say "One more chapter! Just one more chapter!" when reading, and thus would end up late to school or work, I'm now saying, "One more episode! Just one more episode!" of the shows, and ending up late to work or meetings... SIGH. 😜

Btw, the Psych department at Georgia State has a Youtube channel where we are (slowly) putting up interviews with the faculty about their careers, what made them want to do a PhD, what kept them going when things were tough, etc. It's intended for undergrads or grads who want to know about what psych faculty are like, so feel free to pass it along to people in your life who are considering a Psych degree.

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