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Isn't the name "United States of America" so...presumptuous? "America" has always referred to the entire continents of North and South America (which were originally connected - e.g. see the Great American Interchange), yet the US decided that we *were* America.

The framing is so dishonest and awful, and it's why I usually try to refer to this country as US rather than USA - we're but a small *fraction* of America.

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Climate change is *already happening*. The first world (made up of mostly colonizing nations) simply wants to pretend that it's in the far future because it's more convenient to pretend our actions can still continue "until it gets too urgent" than it is to face the reality that we fucked up the planet and other people are currently paying the price.

Check out

This shit is *already* happening, and the first world simply doesn't care.

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Coming out is a thing because the *closet* is a thing. The closet is a thing because society isn't safe for LGBTQ+ people.

We should be fighting for a world and a society in which there is no closet, where people are able to fully express themselves without fear of being harassed or assaulted or fucking killed.

We can, *and must*, do better.

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'Science' is not neutral because 'science' is conducted by humans and humans have biases, period. The good thing about science is *not* that it's neutral but that it provides a mechanism for accountability.

As long as you have humans in the equation (and *yes*, that includes humans training AIs, motherfuckers), there *will* be bias. There *will* be narrative selection. And y'all should think a *lot* before unquestioningly using it to shut down trans and nb requests for inclusivity.

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As a cis man speaking to cis people everywhere, we *have* to normalize asking for pronouns and not assuming. It's a small way in which we can make the world safer for our trans, non-binary, gender-nonconforming, etc comrades.

I know it might feel weird at first, but part of it is also retraining *yourself* not to assume, and to get rid of the internalized assumption that we can guess/infer someone's gender and pronounds based on how they look.

Biden giving people less direct help during the pandemic than Trump isn't kind, good, or politically wise.

Millions face hunger, eviction, and debt from the last year of pandemic, and another year of pandemic is yet to come.

If someone's liberation offends you, it's probably because you benefited from their oppression.

the idea that we’re at least trying to vaccinate the most vulnerable populations first and foremost is really baffling to some people. because they think it’s a matter of whether or not someone *deserves* the vaccine rather than a matter of public health and, oh you know, people fucking dying or not?! i really do just wanna scream sometimes. like, just AHHHHHHHH.

sexual misconduct, rape 

The investigations were conducted outside the view of even the *accusers*, which means they literally don't know what to make of the investigations' findings. Stop pretending we're too sensitive and have over-corrected when _this_ is still the norm.


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sexual misconduct, rape 

For those who say we've gotten too trigger-happy when it comes to "cancel culture": May I remind you that Neil deGrasse Tyson was accused of sexual misconduct by 4 different women (including one instance of rape) and **he still has all of his jobs**. He still regularly makes appearances on TV, he has his own shows, and everything. He has faced absolutely no consequences.


Security researcher recommends against #LastPass after detailing 7 #trackers

A security researcher is recommending against LastPass password manager after detailing seven trackers found in the Android app.

LastPass Android: Drittanbieter überwachen jeden Schritt

looking for a job, trying to escape an abusive situation, boosts appreciated 

hey there! my name's kez, and i'm trying to escape an abusive household

i've been putting this post off for a while because i didn't think my situation was that bad, but i've recently been forced to ackowledge the fact that the people i live with are extremely abusive, and that living here is extremely dangerous for me. i'm trying to move in with my girlfriend, but getting an apartment with her is going to require me to make around $800 a month

i'm looking for a remote job. i'm a programmer, with experience in fullstack and systems development. i've got 7 years experience with python, and a few years experience with c, sql, front-end languages, django, flask, and linux. i'm a (small-scale) linux sysadmin. i've got experience with a wide array of languages and paradigms (crystal, php, c#, glsl es, nodejs, haskell, functional, oop). i learn extremely quickly, and i can teach myself a working knowledge of a language in about a week for simple languages like php, or a few months for complex languages like haskell

i've built some extremely complex systems, i've written a code generator for an oop research language that emitted llvm-ir, i've implemented web application sessions and session-based auth completely from scratch. i've contributed extensively to type stubs for django and even wrote a package to monkey-patch django to work around edge-case bugs in mypy

if you or someone you know is looking to hire a remote developer or freelancer, please let me know! this is slightly time-sensitve but not *super* urgent. i'm trans and disabled, so they'd have to be chill about that kind of thing

boosts are super appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read <3

Which ones of these identifiers would you count as fully names of yours? :boost_requested:

@florian I just go for "differently opinionated."

And even then, you'll wind up with symlinks. It's SSL, it'll all end in tears...

"Most software expects to find certificates in /etc/ssl/certs. OpenSSL expects to find them in a certs subdirectory of the system OpenSSL directory (available by running openssl version -a). FreeBSD considers the trust anchors add-on material, and so puts them under /usr/local. Everybody resolves these conflicts by liberally applying symlinks until the complaints stop." - #tlsmastery

If vaccine equity isn’t global than its not vaccine equity.


It doesn’t say that, and, before I posted my reply I went looking some context but couldn’t find any. It only refers to “you”, and it was boosted into my timeline from someone in the UK.

That’s why I wrote “Fedi isn’t just used by Americans”, because the only way I could make sense of your post would be if I tried to put it into some sorta hyper-local focus.

Fedi is international and so is the struggle & the solidarity.


I have friends here in Europe who have Uyghur family in that Xīnjiāng camp.

Their sister is imprisoned in there.
This issue is as least as close to home for me as Montreal is. Montreal is as least as much of a “far foreign government” from where I am.

Fedi isn’t just used by Americans.

There are struggles all over the world.

Please don’t speak so hastily about what is more important.

That’s not to dismiss the struggles and tyrannies that are being suffered in Canada. I’m not the one making the comparison here—a comparison you presented out of the blue.

It’s very funny to me that over the past ~15 years, internet libertarianism has moved from “copyright is obsolete, information wants to be free” to recreating copyright from first principles, except the copyright registry sets the planet on fire.

venturing into the anarchist discords to build cross-spectrum libertarian rapport. we may disagree on topics like child labour and slavery, but we both agree the greatest threat to freedom currently is josif stalin returning from the grave as an undead and using his vampire mind control powers to take over the us government

Did you know that the moon around Earth is called Luna?🌔

"Moon" is just a classification heavenly bodies!

It's been said hundreds of times. I'm just frustrated.

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I really wish marijuana was legal everywhere. It's just archaic to be scared of something that's harmless compared to what's available.

@todayilearned Modern corporation owners probably don't have your best interests at heart either.

trump and cuomo will get away with the crimes they committed during this pandemic (there is no justice in this country for corrupt politicians)

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