The blue and red could be actually congestion charge zone. TFL on Twitter send it as ULEZ/LEZ map.

London CCTV cameras omniveillance has gone mad. With it the complexity of rules for driving : congestion charge zone / Ultra emission zone / Low emission zone with constantly moving borders.
One single example: trying to find out if Richmond park is or is not within ULEZ, even TfL can’t clearly answer. They have contradictory maps and search by postcode answers

Beautiful pink flowers picked from the garden hoping they will grow on pot.

Wrongly attributed to Voltaire, my motto : “I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It”.

Today, noyb filed a new complaint against C-Planet in an ongoing case regarding a massive political data breach. We finally want to find out, where the personal data of almost every Maltese voter came from!

Data subjects whose data have leaked have a right for compensation under article 82 GDPR, civil action in parallel with national criminal offenses introduced by various EU members.
@noybeu can represent EU citizens rights.

This is an important decision by the European Court of justice on the right of consumer groups to represent Individual rights for data protection infringements. During this period of pandemic security breaches have drastically increased, still too many data controllers are negligent in taking appropriate security measures of art 32 GDPR.

This is really disturbing. A Canadian lady, drunk with 2.5gr alcohol on his blood, meets two policer officer at a Paris pub. They take her to the police station head quarter for group sex. She claimed being raped. Apparently there has been videos of her shaking on the ground. The officers who had 7 years sentence have been acquitted by the Cour of Appeal as apparently a drunk unstable could consent having group sex. Where is the police morality here?

@enkerli interesting, technopedagogue. Would you mind developing what that is ?

I like to talk or for the . I tend to speak allowed and make enemies thanks to my free search.
Not really a supporter of by corporations that have over grown. I write my Masters thesis on and the challenge of traditional corporations at . I never get to meet my supervisor or maybe I would have choses a better title.
and are my two passions.

I wonder how some people here have achieved thousands of followers? Are they also a business of purchasing followers here on Mastodon as well?

I wonder how many other French speaking members they are around? Vous parlez français ? Faites moi un coucou.

I forgot to mention I am involved with a charity supporting education in Serbia. It’s called The Raymond Nicola Trust. A very small charity with hardly any admin cost. A dinner is organised on May if you were interested to join and meet new friends in London

I will need to understand how the different groups work here. I see some with or . Social or .me or….

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🚨🚨🚨 The Government’s #OnlineSafetyBill is an Orwellian Censor’s Charter and will make the internet


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Good morning everyone. Recently joined this media in the hope that finding a better l, more respectful platform. I am interested in anything internet related, human rights , data protection, regulation, AI. Technologies. I hope to exchange with new contacts in more convivial atmosphere like Twitter was at its beginning. I am@French. Please excuse my English.

Hi everyone, coming to discover this new social media.


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