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Trying this out, seeing how it works and who is around! Mostly into + content, but also interested in (vegetarian/vegan) food, world culture, art, film, language, spirituality, socially /geographically relevant and inclusive adaptation of ancient pre-Christian religious practises (that prob needs lots of Western Canada, partially roots, mostly English speaking, kinda function in French, Spanish...

Hey! hope everyone is as well as can be, hope you find some moments of beauty in your day!
Here it's a breathtakingly beautiful time-- though rapidly changing-- so much colour everywhere, though every gust of wind strips a few more leaves from the trees..
View from yesterday on the acreage when I was out cutting fallen for firewood.. @nature


Perfect days-(crisp nights-light frost) days in high teens, mid 20's early next week) blue skies, lots of colour in grasses, forbs, aspens just starting to turn; oddly, Blasam Poplars (P balsamifera) didn't feel like waiting for cooler nights, and have been turning brown for weeks without ever going gold...

pics in collage, cont-
the Dasiphora will keep flowering until there is serious frost;
bottom- Dianthus nardiformis begins flowering later in summer and goes through moderate frosts; Achillea millefolium (hyb) peak early summer then keep going all season, in this climate

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Yoiks-- didn't realise I was so far behind-- hope you all enjoy some pics!
@plants @nature
another this one from Sept 09 (I've been doing 2 sets of these collages, the others are posted on TW).
Still some hot colours even as days cool ( still some warm afternoons in mid-20's but staying more below 20 as days go by, nights low single digits C)
Top row- Nasturtium and Scarlet Runner Beans; centre huge old Dasiphora (Potentilla) fruticosa cultivar--cont-

pics in collage: top row on Agastache foeniculum (native, not common locally, I got seed in a trade) + Scabiosa japonica Ritz Blue-- these have flowered for months, small plants in excellent for
centre Aralia racemosa ex Ontario seed huge plants-- they flowre and try for seed each year, have never yet ripened berries before freezing-- they melt at modest temps that don't affect other natives.
bottom- Symphyotrichum ciliolatum, abundant local aster; Achillea hybrid

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@plants @nature
Hope everyone in the fediverse is well/okay/hanging on/getting better!
Finally happened: I'm so late posting that my weekend are from a full week ago-wait 2 weeks?? lol
Early here in West Central - first frost last night, I won't see how things look until tomorrow (work day today)-alpines/natives etc won't care- a few veg plants may be unimpressed! Cool to warm days, chilly nights, mostly dry, lately-good for harvest.
Sept 02

pics in collage: top row L-Dianthus (a species that blooms late summer/autumn);R- Malva species;
centre bumblebee on Symphytum/Comfrey; centre lettuce; R marks? eggs? in person I thought they were just discolourations, but close-up, they look raised- on Sonchus/Sowthistle leaf;
bottom fog over mowed area and Rosa rugosa hybrid

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Another ( ) post! mostly dry and warm this week (bordering on hot, some days 26-30C a couple of nights 12-14-high for us) but we've had some cooler days and cool nights after warm days- lots of dew and morning
details in comments @plants @nature

pics in collage-- top and bottom- views from the car going home from work- pastures and fields maturing, greens slide to gold, coming earlier as days shorten;
centre row -right and left, on native (but grown from seed, in the garden) Agastache foeniculum; centre jewel-like Syrphid/Flower/Drone Fly on Tanacetum vulgare

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photo collage includes close-ups of bees/flower fly 

New to me word: meaning late, in the context of seasons refers to / . This is a distinct time here, I've been wanting a word for it! Beginning around Day early August, extending to true - trees not in colour yet, many still in , but there's a shift! So, a serotinal ! I'm late, I have 2 weeks' collages to post! details +2nd post to come @plants @nature

pics in collage, cont-
bottom left- Achillea 'Terracotta' opens orange, fades to pale yellow;
centre/right Papaver alpinum/Alpine Poppy- peak bloom late spring/early summer, they continue all season (in my climate anyway!) anotehr bit of a flush now..

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@plants top row, centre- Carlina acaulis just hitting full flowering- the 'petals' are not - most Composite have individual ray flowers pretending to be petals, disk flowers in centre- I think these are bracts not flowers, and all the flowers on disk in centre!
right- mystery Aconitum appeared at the edge of a rock garden this spring, just flowering now-- no idea where it came from, I don't grow these elsewhere, and I am not near any other gardens, not a native species!

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for some things still going, a few just starting! @plants
pics in collage-top L-R Gentiana asclepiadea/Willow Gentian- years from seed to flowers, now an annual late summer show! continued--

Dreamt I was singing 'Diamonds are (a Girl's) The Church's Best Friend!' as a bit of a joke about-- oh well, I guess that's obvious 😆 .. but the funny part, I was being silly and stopped right in front of a friend for the last bit of chorus--- and at that point I was something like a cross between a snake and a poplar runner/shoot, going horizontally along the floor, then I went straight up in front of them..--- the dream wasn't about that fact at

When I see people interacting with my posts and I go to their pages on I can't interact with their stuff-- needs login... I don't assume my login would help there?

as slides towards in late @plants @nature
top row L-R Prenanthes purpurea; Downy Woodpecker/Dryobates pubescens; Symphytum officinale/Comfrey;
bottom- a couple of mushrooms on the acreage- my knowledge of them is nearly 0! centre- fruit on Disporum (Prosartes) trachycarpum (a).. from seed collected on the farm, from a plant I was never again able to find! Nice patch in the garden now..

A whole weekend of posts from last week's images to catch up on-- starting with it's continued generally warm (not really hot) with a few cooler days and some rain interspersed.. vegetation heading to autumn, still and lots of @plants @nature
top left True Bug/Shield Bug on native aster Canadanthus modestus; on Symphyotrichum ciliolatum; centre- tiny bee on Tanacetum/Tansy; bottom tiny and syrphid on Potentilla recta

@plants @nature Extending the (worked all weekend, yesterday town for groceries!) here's my ! more from my Mara Day ( midway btwn and )+ as we head toward some warm days, cool nights, a few

Now that I'm in *my* weekend, I can catch up on posts from *the*
Mara Day/Great Mother Day is a Latvian observance in early-mid August(originally the halfway point between Summer and . I made an altar outside with a range of + , berries, etc here's a sampling for

I don't know if this Queen predates the pandemic, but the attempt to arrest police officers is a rather delayed reaction to public health measures for covid (of which there are approximately none, currently..)

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