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Trying this out, seeing how it works and who is around! Mostly into + content, but also interested in (vegetarian/vegan) food, world culture, art, film, language, spirituality, socially /geographically relevant and inclusive adaptation of ancient pre-Christian religious practises (that prob needs lots of Western Canada, partially roots, mostly English speaking, kinda function in French, Spanish...


Perfect days-(crisp nights-light frost) days in high teens, mid 20's early next week) blue skies, lots of colour in grasses, forbs, aspens just starting to turn; oddly, Blasam Poplars (P balsamifera) didn't feel like waiting for cooler nights, and have been turning brown for weeks without ever going gold...

pics in collage, cont-
the Dasiphora will keep flowering until there is serious frost;
bottom- Dianthus nardiformis begins flowering later in summer and goes through moderate frosts; Achillea millefolium (hyb) peak early summer then keep going all season, in this climate

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Yoiks-- didn't realise I was so far behind-- hope you all enjoy some pics!
@plants @nature
another this one from Sept 09 (I've been doing 2 sets of these collages, the others are posted on TW).
Still some hot colours even as days cool ( still some warm afternoons in mid-20's but staying more below 20 as days go by, nights low single digits C)
Top row- Nasturtium and Scarlet Runner Beans; centre huge old Dasiphora (Potentilla) fruticosa cultivar--cont-

pics in collage: top row on Agastache foeniculum (native, not common locally, I got seed in a trade) + Scabiosa japonica Ritz Blue-- these have flowered for months, small plants in excellent for
centre Aralia racemosa ex Ontario seed huge plants-- they flowre and try for seed each year, have never yet ripened berries before freezing-- they melt at modest temps that don't affect other natives.
bottom- Symphyotrichum ciliolatum, abundant local aster; Achillea hybrid

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@plants @nature
Hope everyone in the fediverse is well/okay/hanging on/getting better!
Finally happened: I'm so late posting that my weekend are from a full week ago-wait 2 weeks?? lol
Early here in West Central - first frost last night, I won't see how things look until tomorrow (work day today)-alpines/natives etc won't care- a few veg plants may be unimpressed! Cool to warm days, chilly nights, mostly dry, lately-good for harvest.
Sept 02

pics in collage: top row L-Dianthus (a species that blooms late summer/autumn);R- Malva species;
centre bumblebee on Symphytum/Comfrey; centre lettuce; R marks? eggs? in person I thought they were just discolourations, but close-up, they look raised- on Sonchus/Sowthistle leaf;
bottom fog over mowed area and Rosa rugosa hybrid

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Another ( ) post! mostly dry and warm this week (bordering on hot, some days 26-30C a couple of nights 12-14-high for us) but we've had some cooler days and cool nights after warm days- lots of dew and morning
details in comments @plants @nature

pics in collage-- top and bottom- views from the car going home from work- pastures and fields maturing, greens slide to gold, coming earlier as days shorten;
centre row -right and left, on native (but grown from seed, in the garden) Agastache foeniculum; centre jewel-like Syrphid/Flower/Drone Fly on Tanacetum vulgare

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photo collage includes close-ups of bees/flower fly 

New to me word: meaning late, in the context of seasons refers to / . This is a distinct time here, I've been wanting a word for it! Beginning around Day early August, extending to true - trees not in colour yet, many still in , but there's a shift! So, a serotinal ! I'm late, I have 2 weeks' collages to post! details +2nd post to come @plants @nature

pics in collage, cont-
bottom left- Achillea 'Terracotta' opens orange, fades to pale yellow;
centre/right Papaver alpinum/Alpine Poppy- peak bloom late spring/early summer, they continue all season (in my climate anyway!) anotehr bit of a flush now..

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@plants top row, centre- Carlina acaulis just hitting full flowering- the 'petals' are not - most Composite have individual ray flowers pretending to be petals, disk flowers in centre- I think these are bracts not flowers, and all the flowers on disk in centre!
right- mystery Aconitum appeared at the edge of a rock garden this spring, just flowering now-- no idea where it came from, I don't grow these elsewhere, and I am not near any other gardens, not a native species!

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for some things still going, a few just starting! @plants
pics in collage-top L-R Gentiana asclepiadea/Willow Gentian- years from seed to flowers, now an annual late summer show! continued--

Dreamt I was singing 'Diamonds are (a Girl's) The Church's Best Friend!' as a bit of a joke about-- oh well, I guess that's obvious 😆 .. but the funny part, I was being silly and stopped right in front of a friend for the last bit of chorus--- and at that point I was something like a cross between a snake and a poplar runner/shoot, going horizontally along the floor, then I went straight up in front of them..--- the dream wasn't about that fact at

When I see people interacting with my posts and I go to their pages on I can't interact with their stuff-- needs login... I don't assume my login would help there?

as slides towards in late @plants @nature
top row L-R Prenanthes purpurea; Downy Woodpecker/Dryobates pubescens; Symphytum officinale/Comfrey;
bottom- a couple of mushrooms on the acreage- my knowledge of them is nearly 0! centre- fruit on Disporum (Prosartes) trachycarpum (a).. from seed collected on the farm, from a plant I was never again able to find! Nice patch in the garden now..

A whole weekend of posts from last week's images to catch up on-- starting with it's continued generally warm (not really hot) with a few cooler days and some rain interspersed.. vegetation heading to autumn, still and lots of @plants @nature
top left True Bug/Shield Bug on native aster Canadanthus modestus; on Symphyotrichum ciliolatum; centre- tiny bee on Tanacetum/Tansy; bottom tiny and syrphid on Potentilla recta

@plants @nature Extending the (worked all weekend, yesterday town for groceries!) here's my ! more from my Mara Day ( midway btwn and )+ as we head toward some warm days, cool nights, a few

Now that I'm in *my* weekend, I can catch up on posts from *the*
Mara Day/Great Mother Day is a Latvian observance in early-mid August(originally the halfway point between Summer and . I made an altar outside with a range of + , berries, etc here's a sampling for

I don't know if this Queen predates the pandemic, but the attempt to arrest police officers is a rather delayed reaction to public health measures for covid (of which there are approximately none, currently..)

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I don't often like to post identical things on various platforms, but this is funny--
Trending on TW in Canada- 'Queen Dildo' (aka Ramona Didulo, self proclaimed Queen of Canada +alien)-held a rally and instructed her followers (she has some!?) to arrest police officers- unsuccessful!

+ Hail Satan- this was from video of a young counter protester at said rally-- yelling that just to piss them off 🤣

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