Interested in ? Catch up on last years conference keynote discussion that I had with Leo G. Dion on the CompileSwift

Playing with learning some 3D game creation in Unity because I do more than Swift development. And it’s fun to learn new things

Happy Friday everyone, we made it through another week. Time to start celebrating.

A viewer of my YouTube channel asked about using MVVM with SwiftUI. Naturally, I wanted to help answer their question, so here's a video showing a simple to follow example of MVVM with SwiftUI

I’m planning to get some serious app finishing work done this weekend, that means looking at several personal projects. But I’ve procrastinated the wrap and submit to store too long.

Come and join the talk tomorrow ...

Join us for our next Demo Hour on April 20 with @compileswift
, who will be giving us a demonstration of his SpriteKit game project! 🕹️

30 Day Free Trial on all plans! 🚀


The CompileSwift podcast is currently moving to a new host, subscribers should notice no difference. If you want to subscribe easily with one click to the major players you can find it here

Had a lot of fun at the weekend on the CompileSwift Livestream ( ). I talk about it in a recent podcast episode for those curious or wanting to join a lively Swift development community.

Catch up on the latest episodes of the CompileSwift there is a new one coming soon!

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