We try a lot of tools, so not having official packages for common platforms frequently results in the review being marked down. Developers need to own their packages, or someone else will!


Interesting tool of the week: github.com/ajeetdsouza/zoxide by @ajeetdsouza@twitter.com

We like: ranking algorithm means it usually guesses which path you mean so you can navigate common long paths without typing them all out. Integrates with Emacs, Ranger, Neovim, Zsh

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🥵 Why Authorization is Hard

This post by @samososos@twitter.com is probably one of the best I've seen re: real world challenges of implementing authz at real companies

Covers challenges, trade-offs and best practices

Highly recommend 👌


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I finished season one of the @consoledotdev@twitter.com podcast this morning, hosted by @davidmytton@twitter.com and @jeanqasaur@twitter.com - I found them really enjoyed listening to them discussing the new tools and can't wait for season 2!

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🚀 Introducing Motion One. The smallest fully-featured animation library for the web.

Built on the Web Animations API, it offers hardware accelerated animations, timelines and more, all for less than a fifth of the size of Greensock.

Check it out: motion.dev

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Fission is the piece of emerging technology that I am most excited about. The first time I saw it work end-to-end, my eyes were opened to a whole new approach for building software.

I really can't recommend looking into the work Brooklyn, Boris, and their team are doing enough. twitter.com/consoledotdev/stat

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This past summer,
spend 25 days battling the Go garbage collector—and emerged victorious.


Read this post for Mark's epic journey to reducing the multi-gigabyte memory spikes.


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From studying classical music at university to using @IPFS@twitter.com to build a very low latency local-first data backend, @expede@twitter.com explains how to use @FISSIONcodes@twitter.com to ship full apps without maintaining servers


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It's happening!! 🎉

Native fuzzing will be in Go 1.18

We just merged the dev.fuzz branch into master ✅

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In light of the little DX/UX 🔥 flare up this week on Twitter, I decided to share my perspective on the topic. mikebrevoort.com/post/002-deve

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Interesting tool of the week: osohq.com/ by @osoHQ@twitter.com

We like: Methods for enforcement at request and field level. Data filtering converts policy into DB query plans to retrieve only the data that matches the filter

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Flow Browser can now run @googledocs@twitter.com. Here's a detailed description of how we fixed many of the browser bugs. ekioh.com/devblog/google-docs-
The blog was written entirely in @FlowBrowser@twitter.com on a @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com 400.

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"Bash scripts, docker files, Gradle. A whole grab bag of technologies. We’re trying to come up with methodology that can be used by everybody."

@adamgordonbell@twitter.com on bringing all your build tools into one with @EarthlyTech@twitter.com

And making it fast 🚅


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Since @Podman_io@twitter.com is getting a lot of people trying it out recently (and it just had a new release), I tried out combining Podman with BuildKit, an improved container image building tool that adds many useful features to traditional Dockerfiles:


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"A lot of security tools out there are built for security people and you can see it in how they’re designed. They’re like 1,000 buttons and switches all over the place"

@sgerlach@twitter.com explains what needs to change to get devs into security


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Developer Experience is crucial to the adoption and ultimate success of a product.

To help you create a better developer experience when using Kubernetes, I’m going to share 10 Kubernetes tools that will give you and your dev team an edge with Kubernetes. 👇🏾

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Very excited to be featured in the @consoledotdev@twitter.com newsletter this week (and 🙏 for the helpful feedback!).

If you aren't signed up for it, you're missing out great reviews of new tools, not to mention an amazing podcast @jeanqasaur@twitter.com and @davidmytton@twitter.com. twitter.com/consoledotdev/stat

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