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Since @Podman_io@twitter.com is getting a lot of people trying it out recently (and it just had a new release), I tried out combining Podman with BuildKit, an improved container image building tool that adds many useful features to traditional Dockerfiles:


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"A lot of security tools out there are built for security people and you can see it in how they’re designed. They’re like 1,000 buttons and switches all over the place"

@sgerlach@twitter.com explains what needs to change to get devs into security


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Developer Experience is crucial to the adoption and ultimate success of a product.

To help you create a better developer experience when using Kubernetes, I’m going to share 10 Kubernetes tools that will give you and your dev team an edge with Kubernetes. 👇🏾

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Very excited to be featured in the @consoledotdev@twitter.com newsletter this week (and 🙏 for the helpful feedback!).

If you aren't signed up for it, you're missing out great reviews of new tools, not to mention an amazing podcast @jeanqasaur@twitter.com and @davidmytton@twitter.com. twitter.com/consoledotdev/stat

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Would you put your cloud credentials into a new tool to help manage them?

What if it used local keychain APIs?
What if it were open source?

@jeanqasaur@twitter.com and @davidmytton@twitter.com discuss how developers really pick tools


Interesting tool of the week: slim.ai/ by @SlimDevOps@twitter.com

We like: Quickly examine or search the full contents of any container - files, layers, Dockerfile. Visual diff of file system, image metadata, and Dockerfile between container versions

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While implementing a timezone-aware date/time library I became deeply distracted by the desire to visualise and explore the ever-changing world of timezones!

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I wrote a thing about why authorization is hard! Warning: it got a bit long. It turns out there's a lot to talk about it, and lots of parts that people don't really even talk about twitter.com/osoHQ/status/14382

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When Parallels is not free and QEMU is a bit heavyweight, a side project to help you run Linux VMs on your M1 Mac.

We discuss vmcli with @gyf304@twitter.com


🎙️What could we do to make more code treated as data? @jeanqasaur@twitter.com questions @davidmytton@twitter.com in their review of @cue_lang@twitter.com in this week's DevTools Podcast.

Listen now at: podcast.console.dev/

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Big news! HTTP Toolkit is now being funded by the EU's @HorizonEU@twitter.com fund (via @NgiPointer@twitter.com) to develop beyond HTTP by adding support for the decentralized web (WebRTC, IPFS & Ethereum).

I wrote a post with all the juicy details: httptoolkit.tech/blog/develope

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How are security tools adopted? Is it still from top-level executives or are developers now choosing? What are the risks and rewards? @jeanqasaur@twitter.com and @davidmytton@twitter.com debate in the DevTools podcast.

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You write a simple script to solve a quick problem.

But to run in prod you need a server, a UI, endpoints, credential management, monitoring, logging...

@JesseOrshan@twitter.com explains how @WayScriptHQ@twitter.com can help


How do we trust tools with critical login details?@davidmytton@twitter.com & @jeanqasaur@twitter.com review leapp.cloud (manage cloud access credentials) in this week's DevTools podcast.

Listen now: podcast.console.dev

Performance ✅
Customizability ✅
Cross platform ✅

Why Neovim is the best code editor for developers...if you put in some time to get your config right.


Interesting tool of the week: leapp.cloud/ by @a_cava94@twitter.com

We like: Stores access credentials in native OS storage e.g. Windows Credential Vault, macOS Keychain. Session credentials are temporary, minimizing risk of leaks and making them easy to rotate

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I've released Matchbox, a project for setting up p2p connections (over WebRTC) in rust web assembly.

In combination with bevy and this means low-latency multiplayer games in web browsers.


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