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Waypoint 0.3 is out! GitOps workflow, AWS Lambda support, and more. Check out the demo below where I take a new installation and deploy to Lambda from a Git repo only using the UI. `waypoint exec` and log streaming works with Lambda, too, which is magic. hashicorp.com/blog/announcing-

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Despite the current uncertainty of lockdowns our answer to "are you remote or office based?" is: "yes". blog.console.dev/why-do-we-hav

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Here’s something I wrote: more detail than you’d want about how we convert Docker images into Firecracker VMs and run them. fly.io/blog/docker-without-doc

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And we spoke with @typesense@twitter.com co-founder @jasonbosco@twitter.com about the benefits of a mature C++ ecosystem and how the open source version is deployed on cloud: console.dev/qa/typesense-jason

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Interesting tool of the week: typesense.org/ by @typesense@twitter.com - Fast, typo-tolerant search engine. We like: single binary for easy deployment, millisecond response times, open source or cloud

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Interesting tool of the week: typesense.org/ by @typesense@twitter.com - Fast, typo-tolerant search engine. We like: single binary for easy deployment, millisecond response times, open source or cloud

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Here is how to make a great Python package with flit, tox, makefile, and github actions: antonz.org/python-packaging/

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Big day! HCP Vault — Vault as a service — is now generally available. Starting at $0.03/hr for dev clusters, $1.57/hr for production clusters (+ middle tiers in the future). hashicorp.com/blog/vault-on-th

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IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1: built-in code reviews powered by Space and more

With the Space plugin now bundled in 2021.1, you can:

🗃️Perform code reviews with merge requests
🎨Easily edit Space automation scripts in IntelliJ IDEA
👉Learn more: jb.gg/code-reviews

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We interviewed @pitnikola@twitter.com about why @raycastapp@twitter.com is built natively in Swift instead of Electron, how he first got into coding Flash, and what's coming next with their API platform built on Typescript: console.dev/qa/raycast-petr-ni

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.@mozdeco@twitter.com successfully deployed ThreadSanitizer in Firefox to eliminate data races in remaining C/C++ components. They found several impactful bugs and can safely say that data races are often underestimated in terms of their impact on program correctness.hacks.mozilla.org/2021/04/elim

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Interesting tool of the week: github.com/synek/git-plan by @ryrobyrne@twitter.com - Git workflow for planning / writing commits in advance. We like: Forces you to think about what you are going to work on in advance - writing out a plan probably helps improve your code

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Today's news: Announcing the Public Preview for Azure AD Verifiable Credentials. Enhances user privacy, portability & control while streamlining enterprise workflow and cutting costs. Couldn’t be more proud of the team for this accomplishment! techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5

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We’re improving our access tokens so they’re more identifiable and more secure! 🔎 🔒 Here are the design decisions that made these changes possible.


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I'm proud to announce that 92% of compute at @honeycombio@twitter.com runs on , and that we've seen remarkable price-performance improvements across the board on all of our workloads! go.hny.co/3m7saZA

It's really awkward timing, 40% cost savings is no April Fool's joke!

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Interesting tool of the week: miragejs.com/ by @miragejs@twitter.com - API mocking library for frontend developers. We like: Intercepts all XMLHttpRequest and fetch requests so no code changes required (one additional import)

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Been wanting to write some posts like this for a long time showing some techniques for hacking on an unfamiliar project using very basic programming/Linux tools. In this post it's nginx


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“TXT files are also assumed by anti-virus software, firewalls, and even Mac's own Gatekeeper as safe downloads that can't possibly be malicious.”
Narrator: In fact they can. twitter.com/paulosyibelo/statu

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Interesting tool of the week: temporal.io/ by @temporalio@twitter.com - Framework for workflow orchestration. We like: Avoid building and running your own timers / queues - just write the function business logic

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