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We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

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My simple principles of making your time online a bit happier.

Read the whole post or thread.
Ask questions kindly.
Remember that not every post is for you.
You don't need to reply.
Don't worry what others think.
Write your own posts.
Speak with good motivation.
Let go of seeking praise.
Let go of avoiding blame.
Don't let others decide your worth.

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One is not called noble who harms living beings. By not harming living beings one is called noble.

― The Buddha

#buddhism #dharma

does anyone know of a working tool to export youtube subscriptions? all the ones i find have been taken down or rendered unusable. :boost_ok:

continues to be so excellent! It’s like TNG meets TOS and I never knew that combination could be so good. All the other current Trek writing just pales in comparison.

I'm not "taking care" of the lawn at our house at all, letting the weeds and wildflowers reclaim it. My father-in-law, without the slightest bit of irony, warned us that we'd get BUGS. As though a functioning ecosystem including many insects in the yard was a bad thing!

Just saw an ad for "Grub B Gon" - a pesticide that people are supposed to put on their lawns to kill "grubs" which are actually beetle larvae.

In addition, animals will dig into the lawn to feed on the grubs, so this is also supposed to stop that from happening.

A "lawn" truly is a toxic and useless wasteland. A horror only humans could invent.

Wind storm today.
Power off, power on,
power off, power on.

Wind, wind, wind.

Just discovered the NHK series "A Cat's Eye View" which explores "the lesser-known charms and customs of regions through the eyes of cats!" It's on the NFK app and site if you just search you can find the episodes to watch and it's extremely excellent. 😻

@continuation Ah! You can also go the "Follows and followers" section ( for you) and see that information.

You can click into the "Follower" list under "Relationship", if you're following each other, it's a green double arrow, if they're following you, but you're not following them, it's an orangish arrow pointing to the left.

@continuation it took me forever to understand what they meant

i can't tell you which means which from memory

Food, Vegan, Japanese 

Suzuya Market here in BC just emailed to say that they now have PLANT-BASED "fish"... including "salmon," "tuna," and "squid."

Here's what they wrote:

On the topic of and , here's a piece I co-authored about the power of dictionaries, what they actually do, how we often think of them, and the issues with that.

"Dictionaries are typically viewed as being value-neutral. But they are just as steeped in culture and prejudice as the rest of the world—and they have the power to shape what we see as 'normal.'"

The OED etymology discussion also concludes by suggesting that in addition to possibly coming from a regional pronunciation of "junky" it's possible the word "janky" might come from the word "stank" and "stanky." 🫣

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