Happy ! 🤖

Bad passwords can be cracked easily. Plenty of recommendations exist for secure passwords.

Check out some of these in our documentation on "Best Practices" when using Cryptomator.


This time, Manu(@mjenny) strikes again! ⚡️

First beta of v1.5.18 released today. Cryptomator for Android is now able to access vaults in S3 compatible storage 🎉

Thanks to @mjenny for this huge contribution! 🙏


Happy !

This is a chance for us to show you how our Cryptobot has developed over the last few years.

Which one is your favorite? 🤖

Cryptobot strikes again! ⚡

Cryptomator 1.5.15 released today. A minor release fixing a symlink bug and addressing UI issues.


Cryptomator for Android is now available via our repository! 🎉

You can get the app via different methods now:
1. Google Play Store
2. APK Download on our website
3. Cryptomator's F-Droid repository
4. GitHub (release or build from source)


We just published the release version of 1.5.14 🎉

Have fun using Cryptomator together with a much faster 😎.


Happy ! 🤖

Be honest, when was the last time you made a backup?

Check out our latest blog post on how to be on the safe side.


Cryptobot strikes again! ⚡

Cryptomator 1.5.14 released today. A major change under the hood is the update to the freshly released JDK 16, fixing several upstream bugs. Thanks OpenJDK!


@cryptomator Thanks again for the great collab. 😀 Was a lot of fun! 🎉

Beta of the upcoming 1.5.14 Android release is out 🎉! Playstore approval will take place in the next few hours...

The most significant enhancement is native pCloud support. Thanks to Manu for this contribution 💚!

Happy testing 😎


5 years ago, we released Cryptomator 1.0.0. Wow, how time flies! 🤖

We are thankful for your constant support, a huge shoutout to our donors and sponsors that keep the project healthy. ❤️


Make sure to check out our sales week! 🎉

We are celebrating Cryptomator's five-year anniversary with a sales week! 🎉 Cryptomator for iOS and Android are 40% off! 🤖

App Store: apps.apple.com/us/app/cryptoma

Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/det

APK: cryptomator.org/android/
(use coupon code "FIVEYEARS" during checkout)

Cryptobot strikes again! ⚡

Cryptomator 1.5.13 released today. This time not with a big shot, but every fix/feature counts.🤖

Release version of 1.5.12 Android is now published and we have pushed 1.5.13-beta1 right behind, with two new minor features 🎉...see yourself:


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Thanks to all for this warm welcome to and our first hundred followers 🎉 🥂

Die Entwickler der quelloffenen Verschlüsselungssoftware #Cryptomator sind übrigens jetzt auch auf #Mastodon zu finden: @cryptomator - herzlich willkommen im #Fediverse!

Mit dem Programm kann man ganz einfach sog. Tresore erstellen, um vertrauliche Dateien darin zu speichern. Es gibt auch eine #Cloud-Anbindung (sogar #WebDAV möglich).

Das funktioniert wie #VeraCrypt, ist aber wesentlich leichter zu bedienen.

#opensource #encryption #verschlüsselung #aes

Beta of the upcoming 1.5.12 Android release is out 🎉! Playstore approval will take place in the next few hours...stay tuned 😎


Feedback is welcome! 💚

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