Just got my supporter certificate for #Cryptomator, an awesome piece of open source software that helps me encrypting my files on various cloud storage providers. The convenience about Cryptomator is, that it integrates nicely with the OS and also has a client for mobile phones. So no excuse anymore to store files unencrypted on Cloud Storage ;)


Ich habe mir gerade die @cryptomator App fürs Smartphone gekauft und ich finde, ihr solltet das auch machen!

Thankfully, the weather has cooled off in Germany. But our hot summer sale is not over yet. You can still get the offer for our mobiles apps until Monday. Have a great weekend! 🙌

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Cryptomator 2.4.1 for iOS has been released (please update again if you updated to 2.4.0 today)! 🎉

We’ve added support for S3-based cloud storage services, more Shortcut intents, and quicker unlock with Touch ID / Face ID. 🤖


☀️ 40°C in Germany means 40% off of our mobile apps. Get it now while it lasts!

App Store: apps.apple.com/us/app/cryptoma
(Full Version IAP)

Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/det

APK: cryptomator.org/android/
(use coupon code "HOTSUMMER" during checkout)

Stay safe and hydrated! 🤖

Cryptomator 2.4.0 for iOS is available for beta testing via TestFlight:


S3 support, additional Shortcut intents, and quicker unlock via Touch ID / Face ID are part of this release.

We’re looking forward to your feedback!

Cryptomator 2.3.0 for iOS has been released with Shortcuts integration! 🎉 You can now set up automations like "Auto Photo Upload". 🤖

Shortcuts guide: docs.cryptomator.org/en/1.6/io

Full release notes: github.com/cryptomator/ios/rel

Shortcuts integration on iOS is coming soon! Actually, you can already test it out via TestFlight:


And we’ve also written up a short guide on how to set up „Auto Photo Upload“:


If all goes well, 2.3.0 will be released next week!

Let’s welcome Cryptomator’s new sibling to the family: Cryptomator Lite (Android) 🎉

More information coming soon 😎

Android development is not that easy if you want to make sure that no unwanted transitive dependencies creep in through any libraries, such as analytics or tracking. If you detect this before publishing, you can easily exclude it. To make sure this happens as rarely as possible, we use @exodus and an script of @IzzyOnDroid to check that nothing sneaks in unnoticed.

Catch of the day: 'OpenTelemetry'

Removed before release, so all is well for our user base. Thank you for those wonderful tools 💚

Mein Cryptomator Testbericht ist nun fertig inkl. einem Video, für all diejenigen, welche lieber schauen, statt lesen :)


Das Video ist direkt im Beitrag eingebunden. @cryptomator #Testberich

With the request to stop sending us such mails 🙏: We will not integrate any of these nasty SDKs to sell data that we are trying to protect with Cryptomator and others!

We know that this is not about numbers here but thanks to our first 500 followers 🤖 🎉 💚 🙏

Has it already been a year since the last roadmap? Oh my. 😅

🤖 New blog post: Cryptomator Roadmap Early 2022


Cryptomator 2.2.0 for iOS has been released! 🎉 It comes with the long-awaited support for . And also support for shortcuts in Google Drive.

Full release notes: github.com/cryptomator/ios/rel

Great news! Cryptomator is now finally available on Flathub as a Flatpak app. 🎉 Huge thanks to Ralph Plawetzki for his amazing contribution, which pushed this big effort across the finish line. 🚀


We've just reached another major milestone: 7000 stars for our GitHub repo of the desktop app 🎉

Thank you all for your support and passion 💚🙏

Keep on spreading the word about Cryptomator 🤖


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