Cryptobot strikes again! ⚡

Cryptomator 1.5.13 released today. This time not with a big shot, but every fix/feature counts.🤖

Release version of 1.5.12 Android is now published and we have pushed 1.5.13-beta1 right behind, with two new minor features 🎉...see yourself:

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Thanks to all for this warm welcome to and our first hundred followers 🎉 🥂

Die Entwickler der quelloffenen Verschlüsselungssoftware #Cryptomator sind übrigens jetzt auch auf #Mastodon zu finden: @cryptomator - herzlich willkommen im #Fediverse!

Mit dem Programm kann man ganz einfach sog. Tresore erstellen, um vertrauliche Dateien darin zu speichern. Es gibt auch eine #Cloud-Anbindung (sogar #WebDAV möglich).

Das funktioniert wie #VeraCrypt, ist aber wesentlich leichter zu bedienen.

#opensource #encryption #verschlüsselung #aes

Beta of the upcoming 1.5.12 Android release is out 🎉! Playstore approval will take place in the next few hours...stay tuned 😎

Feedback is welcome! 💚

We also released Cryptomator 1.5.11 for Android today! This is the first release after we've open-sourced the project. 🎉

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Today is 2021!

Not everything belongs into the public internet (duh!🤪). But even your personal cloud is not safe from leaking data, intentionally or not. With Cryptomator you can be rest assured that your private data stays private.

⚠️ macOS and Linux users, we need your help!

We are doing some research on "extended attributes". Your feedback will be valuable on this matter.

Details are in the link below. Thank you! 🙏

Cryptobot strikes again! ⚡

Cryptomator 1.5.12 released today with another round of bugfixes.

Today, 7 years ago, Cryptomator was born with the first commit. 🤖 Since then, Cryptomator has grown continuously and gained a great community behind it. Thanks to all who made this possible! 🥂 Oh, and we also hit 5k Stars on GitHub! 🎉

It's . Instead of relying on your own passwords and the security of the cloud provider, we suggest to use an open-source password manager that generates long passwords. Better yet, use end-to-end encryption to protect your cloud. 😁

Even if today, in the German parliament, a law on inventory data disclosure (Bestandsdatenauskunft) could be finalized, which is causing us serious concerns, we still want to celebrate the Data Privacy Day.

🎉 Happy Data Privacy Day 🎉


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