On the international day against homophobia, biphobia, interphobia, and transphobia, we want to repeat loud and clear:

Open source communities aren’t truly open unless we take a stand against hate 🏳️‍🌈

Did a 40 minute spin bike this morning so I could eat a fat carnitas burrito

That probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to most people. But when you’re constantly told that up is down, left is right, you’re crazy, and everything is your fault, having that objectivity is everything.

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And so especially when I see numbers about my body I know they are real. My progress is real. My successes are real. The things I need to work on are real. I’m not over dramatic about what hurts. I’m not self absorbed when I’m proud. The numbers aren’t gaslighting me in either direction. I can know my perception is true

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On today’s episode of “What In The Fucked Up Childhood?” I realized I gravitate so much to computers and numbers because data doesn’t lie. It doesn’t try to hurt you. It doesn’t try to placate you. It just says what it says without trying to mean anything in particular. It just is.

It’s about to be wildfire season so I just replaced my HEPA filter. Make sure you’re set before stuff is sold out or hard to get!

Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

If you’ve been waiting for an updates blog, here it is! Updates for OS 6.1 this month, plus more info about the release of OS 7 blog.elementary.io/updates-for

The Supreme Court has voted to strike down Roe v. Wade, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito and obtained by POLITICO.

“We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled,” Alito writes. politico.com/news/2022/05/02/s

Today I heard the phrase, “everybody sucks at being a pioneer” and now I want that like on a poster in my office

Always look both ways. I almost just got fucking isekai’d 😅

Your worth ≠ your productivity.

Be kind to yourself. You are worthy of love, attention, and respect just because you exist and you're you.

You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. :blobhug2:

#WormsOfAffirmation #Positivity

🌮 marinated the chicken in some leftover salsa verde, garlic, cilantro, cumin, paprika, olive oil. I don’t have lime. It’s the only thing missing

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I don’t know if you know this, but once the weather is consistently over about 24°C you’re required to either grill or drink outside by law

Help me out fediverse, is there an easy or automated way for me to see who that I follow on Twitter is also on Mastodon?

I want to follow this up with something insightful and helpful, but I don’t know where to go from here. This keeps me up at night

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The biggest flaw with open source software across basically all product categories is that we consistently fail to do anything more than, “things that exist, but open source”

You ever think about how all the best foods are shit snooty rich people refused to eat? Like for every great food there’s somebody that went, “Shit fool I’ll take all the parts of that pig you don’t want and shove it inside the intestines and eat it that way, you don’t have to throw it away. You telling me you don’t want those wings either? Damn I’m gonna cut up the roots of these plants you had me pull out and eat ‘em together”

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