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Calls v43.alpha.1 has been released 🚀
It's actually a couple of days old already, but I got distracted by all the nice people I met at \o/

Anyway this is the first release with support for SRTP!


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Yesterday our oldest son (8y) took part in his first #triathlon . My wife tried to take pictures using a Sony mobile. It switched repeatedly camera and screen of after showing a message that it's too hot.
My #Librem5 sometimes shows the red blinking led to make me aware that charging and system(?) have been throttled because of the phone getting too hot, but it did never stop working for me.
The day has been very hot at over 36°C.
I could learn why, how and maybe change it. She can't. #FLOSS.

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Since you don't get much feedback: I always enjoy your posts! I think they are well written and I look forward to new posts every week. For this particular post, I think you did a very good job balancing the good and bad of Mobile Linux.

(I am also happy when I see something of mine come up in your blog too!)

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Last week a started to work full time for Purism, again. This time I will focus on slightly different things; mostly developer experience.

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@linmob yup the direction that those comments took seems to be hackernews working as expected.

That is one of the reasons I stopped reading stuff there.

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@linmob @n8chz

Yep! I have been using a #librem5 for six months full time now, and I use T-Mobile USA. the #pinephone also works, I know there has been lots of success with using @mobian and @postmarketOS

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@linmob we don't need the two companies out there that make linux first phones competing with each other.

We need 20 or more linux phone first companies competing against proprietary software and hardware.

Superbug coming up
H1N1 was a flop
Resistance is futile
Superbug is like a truck
Penicillin is a duck
That's sitting on the road for luck
Faceless and ageless
It's simply outrageous
Never ever, ever stops
And never ever gives a fuck

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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
heute live,
freu mich riesig drauf und hoffe sie spielen auch ein paar Rat's Nest Songs, aber lass mich überraschen

listen to this:

#KGLW #KGatLW #live #kinggizzardandthelizzardwizzard


#Rock #TrashMetal #HardRock #PsychodelicRock

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Version 0.9 of vvmd is out!

This fixes the issue with some T-mobile servers, but requires this patch with curl (which I am hoping will be merged soon). The patch is here:

It also fixes an issue I ran into where curl seems to sometimes say things went bad when they did not, and when this happened with the delete command, it ended up deleting the VVM on both the phone and server....which is not fun. This is fixed now.

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Oopsy daisy, the mobian repo's gpg key has expired and nobody noticed. Well until it was too late. If you get error messages about expired keys, you might want to add the new one manually

curl -s | sudo tee /var/lib/extrepo/keys/mobian.asc

The above command might be working for you. We will think how to get new keys in a safe way onto your device in the future.

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chatcontrol, eupol 

#fediverse, we really need to talk about #chatcontrol, the EU's next mass surveillance system. Long Thread below, with hints to skip over parts of if it's too long for you. Sources are in [brackets] & linked at the end. I tried to simplify a bit to keep the thread accessible for people without deep technical knowledge. I've packed a LOT of content into this thread - if you have trouble undestanding, it's probably my fault. Ask and I'll clarify! Please boost for awareness.

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Seit 2020 können Ärzt*innen Apps verschreiben. Wir haben uns zwei Anbieter angeschaut – und kommen zu einem vernichtenden Ergebnis:

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