Halloween Tips from EFF:
-Wear something reflective for pedestrian safety.
-Don't eat unwrapped candy.
-Be mindful of what conversations you have within 40 feet of a Ring doorbell

It is wrong to put someone in a cage because they are poor.

We don't have a system of justice, we have a system of uneven enforcement. If we ever punish the powerful, it's an accident. (Reading some 90s nanotech SF, Linda Nagata's The Bohr Maker, which made this point crystallize in my mind.)

Have not prisons -- which kill all will and force of character in man, which enclose within their walls more vices than are met with on any other spot of the globe -- always been universities of crime? Is not the court of a tribunal a school of ferocity?
-- Peter Kropotkin

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Wrote a locally-focused data journalism piece about cash bail in Dane County. Nobody local follows me here... but you probably have similar, slightly-less-racist systems near you if you live in the U.S. tonemadison.com/articles/when-

Can't sleep once again, thinking about all the people in prisons.

It's less about hierarchies and more about how authority gets baked into systems. We assume that our "modern liberal representative democracy" recipe is the best of a bunch of bad options, but I don't think that is true.

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Just watched the first David Graeber Memorial Lecture, by Alpa Shah on
Democracy by Sortition, Liberal Elections and Communist Revolutionaries. Available online sometime soon...

Sortition is the true democratic idea of eliminating hierarchies not by eliminating leaders, but by allowing anyone to be a leader. Very inspiring to hear about how it still exists with the Adivasi, and imagining different ways of being human. Making group decisions better.

EFF wants to help end government use of face surveillance in your community. aboutfacenow.org

thing I'm tired of in journalism: saying "activist groups" are calling for X instead of taking the trouble to name the groups involved

University police do not keep us safe: they provide an illusory security for the privileged instead of care for those in need; they claim loudly to be pro-social justice while feeding into our violent carceral system. Let's imagine a with care, not cops.

Youtube is blocking the hashtag , possibly as part of a broken system to block denial and conspiracy theorists. Vaccine apartheid is real, the Biden admin is supporting it through inaction on the TRIPS waiver, and Bill Gates and big pharma billionaires fighting for IP rights instead of human lives should look at India and change their damn minds. They won't. Abolish billionaires.

Citizen journalism is not good for my sleep schedule

Hate-reading NYT on irrational COVID fears: "Victory will instead mean turning it into the sort of danger that plane crashes or shark attacks present — too small to be worth reordering our lives."

People considered huge mid-pandemic death rates too small to be worth wearing masks to be considerate to others. And after watching hundreds of thousands of Americans die, I think we should be working harder to understand this, not shame people who are still worried about this or other new pandemics.

There are some potentates I would kill by any and all means at my disposal. They are ignorance, superstition, and bigotry -- the most sinister and tyrannical rulers on earth.
-- Emma Goldman

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I heard a pre-trial expert today taking about our broken systems, describing them like a huge ship. "People want us to fix things faster, but, you can't turn the ship very fast." That's a pretty shitty analogy when your giant ship is going around killing people and ruining so many lives. Maybe we don't need this ship so much then? Reform: slowly turn the ship as it kills more and more people. Abolish: consider new ways of shipping.

The only thing I hate more than oppression is whatever process turns people into "libertarians" with negative empathy.

Maybe the solution to the Fermi paradox is that every civ has a Satoshi who seeds the idea of processing power for an abstraction, and they process themselves back into the dirt.

Personally, I think one of the biggest "new taboos" we need is on extreme wealth. Billionaires should sicken us to the core. People who choose to stay insanely rich should not be treated with honor, like celebrities with some skill, but instead be hounded, reviled, and forcibly removed from their mass money.

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