So how do we reduce emissions?

By USING LESS ENERGY. Anyone saying that some new and fancy tech is going to solve things for us is wrong. Adding more tech means using more energy.

We have to stop adding energy generation in order to stop Jevon's Paradox.

I am loving the Fediverse, but one thing that I struggle with is the lack of exposure to other instances. My alts see completely different accounts than my main (this account) does.

This can be helpful in that I can find new cool folks to follow and just use my main to do that (instead of the alt account) but at the same time I wonder what the Federated Timeline pulls from, that I miss so much content from other instances (that my own instance is not blocking). #fediverse #fediversequestions

"With the July 4 weekend upon us and wedding season in full swing, experts answered frequently asked questions about staying safe while gathering outdoors with family and friends."

Nice bit of reporting from Swedish Radio. They built an online fake pharmacy and activated Facebook advertising tools. Thousands of simulated visits to the pharmacy were made each day, and the reporters could see all the sensitive, personal information being stored by Facebook.

Facebook sent no warnings to the pharmacy, despite saying they have tools in place to prevent this from happening.

A few weeks ago they revealed how this was happening with real pharmacies.

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Fireworks banned in your area? Try this fun alternative on July 4th this year!

"Republicans cannot both be loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to the Constitution," Cheney said in a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, California

“We are confronting a domestic threat that we have never faced before -- and that is a former President who is attempting to unravel the foundations of our constitutional Republic."

#Trump #DomesticThreat

What I've been listening to this week . . . ear worms in my head . . .

Ozzy - Patient Number 9
Prince/Sinéad - Nothing Compares 2U


sorry to say that last night someone took a bash at our window

we’re all ok. it’s disheartening to see someone waste their time this hard and it's embarrassing to think of someone doing something this cowardly, but we’re not shook.

this violence does not represent our neighbours. strangers stocking up the free fridge, donating clothes to the clothes swap, donating £ to keep our doors open & people fed represents the community we know

COVID, US, California 

“Wastewater analysis indicates that in many places, viral spread this month rivals or even exceeds the original omicron surge that swept through the country in January, creating record infections.”


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