Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

Such a thing actually exists! Kinda.

A third party that shrinks terms and policies of various popular services down to bare essentials that are actually understandable and aren't buried deep in legal-speak.

Something to encourage you to question the blind trust in these services, to restrict your activities there and to consider alternatives to especially carefree ones.

(Kudos to @unreared for the pointer)

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Own a digital device? Big Tech abuses copyright law to block you (and potential competitors and innovators) from tinkering with their products—even the ones you pay for. EFF’s @caragagliano and @mitchstoltz will testify that tech users deserve better.

So humanity still refuses to learn to handle conflicts constructively. Instead choosing to talk behind peoples' backs and distancing themselves from the matter if/when the jig is discovered.

And I'm not trying to make just this board or the parents look guilty here, this a very widespread problem. There is a cultural trend of suppressing conflicts instead of solving them, which only serves to secretly annoy and heat up all sides. Until something goes slightly sideways.

Ok, Google, how's this lack of customer support service treating you? :)

Terraria lead dev's Google account is suspended without notice or explanation, with access to Google Play, GMail, GDrive and everything, he retaliates by cancelling Stadia release of the game.

Here we go again, another app suspended for unmoderated content that users can choose to receive over the network.

a really great comic discussing some serious problems with the way scientific research is conducted

A friend just messaged me asking if I had any advice on how to read news critically. I told him I didn't really know because I don't read news that much (although now I come to think of it, I end up reading news articles when I check the source of something posted online).

But we are curious, what are some answers to this question that yous can come up with? Looking at different perspectives is one. Others?

Please repeat/boost this message to increase visibility.

Now I also exist in Russian over at! Nothing to see there yet, but that might not be for very long.
I've wanted to post in Russian every once in a while, but seeing that one cannot subscribe to posts in only one language, its isn't fair to bombard everyone with both languages. So I kept posting here in English only.

...I know there are pieces of content that discuss EULAs in response to recent events, but these are usually apologetic or negatove, and do not review *respectful* EULA's (do they even exist?).

Hardware and software are usually reviewed on launch day because that's when users start buying/using them. But acceptance most of the time just goes without saying. Why does it have to be this way?

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Hm-m... There are reviews of hardware and software, but are there reviews of service 's anywhere? Looks like an open niche for content 🤔

These could showcase most gruesome examples these "agreements" allow for themselves, what clauses have no actual effect in certain larger jurisdictions, etc.

With these, users could maybe stop ignoring EULAs with extreme assumptions like "can't be too bad" or "they'll make full use of everything they can".

I often hear questions like "if you could change something about X, what would it be?"

It's never as simple as that! A lot of the time we're dealing things in stable states that, when disturbed with changes, just spring back.
Like a ball that's too heavy to roll uphill, so you have to dig around it in order for gravity to do the rolling for you.

If I knew where to dig I probably would've already started? If I didn't, I probably don't know. I might have a new location on my mind, but that's it.

Following up on this, I started using Multi-Account Containers on desktop, and only logging in inside the colored containers, but not in the default one.

This results in a very similar UX as opening external links in private tabs by default on mobile (see the thread).

And hey, it's a very nifty tool in general, I hope this can one day arrive to the Android version too:

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Oh, never mind, No Man's Sky actually won "Best Ongoing Game". Alright. It deserves that much at least.

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I just misread "decoding the language of genomes" as "decoding the language of gnomes"

Just watched the recording of The Game Awards.

You wouldn't tell from the name, but it's essentially a game trailer show now. Said awards are the least interesting part.

(I'm basically salty about the winners. MFS competing with strategies? NMS getting nothing for its epic comeback? Doom: Eternal not winning Best Action? TLOU2 winning a whackton of nominations with that uproar of detest during its release? Like, what?)

Being a native speaker, I often forget how complicated language can be. But filing issues, like this one in Calendar app, forces me to remember:
...including realising the fact that I don't have an exact understanding of the structure of the language that I speak effortlessly every single day. Hm-m. 🤔

on has a very nifty option: "Open links in a private tab". Improved my mobile browsing experience significantly. 🧡➡💜
• Link about to be intercepted by an app? You get prompted, and can choose to continue in the browser.
• Most website lockouts based on the number of viewed pages (e. g. "sign up to continue!") stop working, thus treating you as a first-timer every time.
• No "attention baiting" with your private information, since you're not logged into anything by default.

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