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There is a certain loneliness we experience until we rest in God and his salvation. It is a cosmic loneliness, and in trying to fulfill this need, all the pursuits and experiences of this world come short.

A fourth-century majuscule parchment fragment containing parts of Revelation chapters 3 and 4.

It's important to reassure people who want to come to God but fear they have committed the unpardonable sin. Having committed such a sin obliterates the capacity to repent. The Spirit who calls us to Jesus and salvation is no longer heard. But Jesus said, "He who comes to me I will in no wise cast out." The capacity to repent and come to Jesus is effective proof that a person, though he be a sinner, has not committed the unpardonable sin, since only the Holy Spirit can truly draw one to Christ.

If you deny the crucifixion of Christ you will be unable understand Christianity. Arguments for why you reject it will never be anything more than straw men.

I'm thankful mankind wasn't abandoned to our fate of extinction when sin separated us from God & from the eternal life that was ours in communion with him. I'm glad the Savior came to usher mankind in the New Adam into this life bounded neither by time nor by this present world.

There's an order in nature that's established by God.

The ewe is for the ram and the ram for the ewe.

The cow is for the bull and the bull for the cow.

The lioness is for the lion and the lion for the lioness.

And a woman is for a man and a man for a woman.

Will we have to just get used to voiced robotic apps mispronouncing inválid as if it were ínvalid and vice versa? How long will it be before robots develop a sense of context?

The Bible condemns passing one's children through the fire to Molech in no uncertain terms. While not technically abortion, it was a practice which also had the practical effect of doing away with inconvenient offspring.

<<Elías: un profeta muy humano>>
Mensaje del 15 de agosto del 2021

<<El único Dios verdadero>>
Juan 17:3
Mensaje del 1 de agosto del 2021

Reading through the toots on the Fediverse I begin to understand how the technological society that started building the Tower of Babel had to leave the project unfinished, because they couldn't understand one another's language.

<<Pentecostés: Poder para el pueblo de Dios>>
Mensaje del 23 de mayo del 2021

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