#3goodthings today:
1. I applied for an internal job posting.
2. The job is for my former boss’s role.
3. I got a decent amount of sleep last night.

AAA game studios are like "we had 100 people working on this game for 5 years and it's not even that good but you need $5000 of hardware to run it", while hackers are there porting Tomb Raider to the gameboy or Portal to the N64 or running Doom on a computer powered only by potatoes, just for fun.

Tech could be better, we just need to pursue the right goals.

When Margaret wants sink water she doesn’t meow or bother me or anything. Instead she does this, which is much more unsettling

pinephone installation, help 

- flashed tow boot
- put sd card into phone
- tried to boot phone but only the flashlight turns on
- tried two different sd cards

I'm trying to change my stock Pinephone to Mobian. I might have to give up and try postmarketOS for now? Any hints from people out there

#pinephone #troubleshooting #help

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The only bad thing about #selfhosting is you start to want to self-host *ever service you use*.

The best camera is the one that's with you, unless the one that's with you is the haunted camera from "Say Cheese And Die"

This is me on my own instance now. I use lots of #tech stuff - #yunohost #linux #lineageos. I will be a #pinephone user soon. I'm a father. I love #coffee. I live in #taiwan.

A guy at the market stopped me to tell me he likes my "The comfort of straight people is not among our goals 🌈" tank

My HP laptop is also on #Fedora36 now! Upgrades were a success! :flan_hurrah: Now celebrating with the other half of my "Pascualina" for breakfast. :flan_nom: #fedora #linux

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Took me one click to make a #Gotosocial activitypub instance with #yunohost. So self-hosting ain't that hard people.

buying olive oil shouldn’t stress me out more than choosing a spouse did

The environmental industrial complex doesn't give a flying squirrel about "saving the planet". They just want to package up the idea of saving the planet and sell it to you, because you're gullible and will believe anything if they make a good enough advertisement and buy enough senators.

They'd sell you methylated mercury in a lead bottle and call it green if they thought they could get away with it and make enough money.
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