My kids make me my best self. I never expected that from fatherhood, and I could never give it up.

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Work from home perk number 37:

No one with whom I interact professionally ever sees the back of my head, so I can continue to give myself at-home haircuts.

I'm becoming more and more frightened by the thought of travelling to America. It feels like a very dangerous place.

Are we living in the post-information age, the post-truth age, or the post-hope age? All three?

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This is a power cord, wrapped in single use plastic. WTAF is wrong with us as a species, that we would rather create garbage that won't go away for hundreds of years, than possibly purchase an appliance with a scuffed cord. It's this kind of thing that robs me of any hope we can get any better.

I signed up to Mastodon with my phone, and now for some reason I can't link my account to my email address, or change the setting, becausei can't sign in with email yet. @mastadon any suggestions for how I can set up my account?

Why is it so much easier to remember that you used to know something than it is to just remember the thing itself instead? Asking for the brain I'm currently using.

I buy a big bag of dog food about once a month, and each time, I like to pick up a new toy as well. It makes my dog really happy, and it's like the prize in the cereal box from my childhood.

Google announced auto summary of docs, so you don't need to actually read the contents anymore. Is this how AI dumbs down humanity in preparation for the singularity?

Today I learned that is possible to kill weeds using steam. Time to find out if my steam mop can pull double duty, while at the same time confusing the heck out of my neighbours.

More Minecraft IRL this weekend, hopefully I'll get some seeds in the ground today. This is going to be a multi-year project to rehabilitate the soil, capture and store carbon, and support the local wildlife. I may get some vegetables out of the deal as well.

Am I the only one who finds the JSON aggregators mySQL to be completely obtuse, or is it everyone? I'm confident there's a way to aggregate a column so it tells me how many times each enum appears for this group. I'm just as confident that I don't have the knowledge to do it yet.


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