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Quality news media? Well, I start by knowing the way the news outlets lean, and then try to choose those of the highest journalistic quality. If I don’t have time to read from both sides of the political spectrum, then I try to focus on the most central of the high quality news outlets. Often, there is a downloadable app that I can install that makes it easy to read my news. Here is a nice chart that I like to refer to when determining media source quality and leaning:

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Interesting reading!

The Fantasy of Opting Out: Those who know about us have power over us. Obfuscation may be our best digital weapon.

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Western warships invade South China Sea as tensions escalate with Beijing

Britain. France. Germany. Holland. Canada. All are sending warships to the South China Sea in growing “pushback” against Beijing.

Interesting developments in South China Sea:


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One step closer to having the #PinePhone keyboard ready... the membranes just came in!

Find out more about the keyboard and other upcoming tech in our latest Community Update:

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Nextcloud incorporates many features that the human rights communities prioritize and it's the cloud platform of choice for OpenArchive!

@open_archive helps individuals around the world securely store and share critical evidence they’ve captured.

Just climbing onto the shuttle to go home from work. Yay! 😁

Question for Pleroma users: I understand that there are 3 front-ends for using Pleroma. I have signed up to 4 different Pleroma instances, and every one of them only has a single front end available. Every Pleroma instance seems to be using a Mastodon-like front end. Am I missing something? I want access to the different available front ends and the ability to switch between them. I am using a web browser to access each Pleroma instance. I am connecting via phone. Am I missing something?

I actually got to sleep in!!! 😃

I’m still tired......😩

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Firefox's Enhanced Tracking Protection already blocked cookies for most known trackers. Total cookie protection will prevent anyone - even new or obscure trackers - from using cookies to follow you around.

I joined and spent a few hours with to see if I would like it better. There are features I like better in Pleroma that I wish had, but overall I prefer Mastodon. The back end (according to what I read) is better with Pleroma, so I’ll revisit it in the future. would be my favorite if the browser page rendering and updating wasn’t so .

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Congress should address online advertising's surveillance-based business models through consumer privacy legislation, not by amending Section 230

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Let’s call predictive policing what it is: racial profiling legitimized under the pretense of unbiased data. It’s time to ban it.

I found a / feature comparison spreadsheet. I wasn’t aware of all the extra features that are available for Pleroma users!

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The Famous Basic Computer Games Book Gets a 2021 Update

If you are a certain age, your first programming language was almost certainly BASIC. You probably at least saw the famous book by Ahl, titled BASIC Computer Games or 1010 BASIC Computer Games. The…

Original tweet :

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Liberal: "We need to raise the minimum wage to fix our problems".

Me: "It doesnt fix problems it makes them worse, here is some hard data proving it actually does more harm to the poor than good!"

Conservatives: "Yes, we agree, stupid libtards, lets get rid of minimum wage!"

Me: "Yes, great, perfect, glad you understand. So once we get rid of it how do you plan to replace it with something better that fixes the poverty problem we are facing?"

Conservatives: "Fix the what now? No no, we just oppose welfare, we dont want to fix poverty, they are just lazy"

Me: "Fuck off!"

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