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people, I need help! I'm new at 3D. 😀

How do I create a solid, undivided face from this SVG I imported? Thanks!

My only takeaway from season 4 is that they have a fireplace in their bar.

I’m glad I set up my kids with their own streaming music accounts.

I LOVE it when established commercial artists say, "fuck it!" and release an album completely different than anything else in their catalogue.

For example: Alanis just dropped an ambient, new age, lyricless album. Deal with it!

Teaching myself . Probably will just end up making 3D butts.

Some early 2000s Scott Storch looking dude at my kids soccer practice was smoking a cigar and (literally!) brown-bagging it

….but his kid was the best player on the field by far so I guess his cockiness was warranted.

It’s a show about space wizards with laser swords. Chill, nerds.

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