Wow! Another great podcast with @walkah. Thanks @dsearls & @MethodDan for having James on to talk about UCANs.
Check out this new episode...
Yes, UCAN (FLOSS Weekly #681)

Thanks @chadkoh for adding the Three-Pirate Rule to our wiki

Rick Falkvinge extended the concept in his book _Swarmwise – The Tactical Manual To Changing The World._

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Ever hear of the Three-Pirate Rule?

“if three ‘pirates’ agree something is worth doing, and it is within the principles of the organization, they do not need to ask permission to act.”

It’s about a bias to action in small groups within organizations, from the Pirate Party.

We’ve got read only private, encrypted files on IPFS.

Thanks @icidasset for putting some examples and docs together in the guide around private shared files.

OH: there's a B&B down the road that is run by Lucille Ball's old personal chef.

We have two Fissioneers speaking @empexco this Friday 🙌

@expede will be talking about "The Escape from Flatland" and @wilton_quinn on "Deriving Knowledge from Data"

See the full lineup and talk descriptions here 👇

Join us on the last Thursday of the month for the next edition of research updates!

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This continues to build out our edge computing stack:
* UCAN for auth/identity
* WNFS for basic files

Dialog starts bridging the gap from files to compute. You'll hear more from us around WebAssembly :)

All built on top of @IPFS and content addressing for a global namespace.

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The blog post is now up, including video and slides.

Thanks @wilton_quinn for the great write up!

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Last week we hosted the first edition of our monthly update from our applied research team, aka .

@wilton_quinn presented a first look at Dialog: a far edge database for local-first applications and autonomous computing agents

"A lot of open questions around time travel" -- @wilton_quinn

And yes, this is meaty stuff so no live tweeting for you!

We've got notes, links, and a video recording we'll share afterwards.

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The state of Fission's SDK. TypeScript and browser targeted, now being turned into Rust/WebAssembly for performance and portability. Cheers @theappcypher!

Use it to build edge apps today.

Next: let's handle structured data, with a webnative database!

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Starting our first community call: research from the Fission team, last Thursday of the month.

First edition is @wilton_quinn talking about Datalog, CRDTs, and a WebNative Database

Zoom call on now

Check out this interactive file system visualizer created by our team mate @theappcypher

(right click for a menu to add/delete)

We're developing WebNative File System on top of @IPFS including powering it with WebAssembly. Great work @theappcypher!

Wrapping up the morning with @expede presenting UCAN:

“How to make the internet web3, from the inside out”

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Presentation by @joelthorst on did:pkh — enable usage of the largest PKI deployed through blockchains for general usage across decentralized identity.

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Last formal day for us, at the Chain Agnostic Standards Alliance

@mr_ligi convening the day. CAIP beginnings and evolution. Need to move beyond a single tree of Ethereum to a forest of chains able to work together.

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