One of these days we’ll send @expede & others from the team to Brazil in person, for now you can catch her keynote live next week.
Today we close the release of the schedule! \o/

We are very happy to confirm the last keynote of the event: @expede will be with us again to talk about the theme "Living on the edge"!

Soon the full schedule will be available on the website! 💚

Morning Europe! We're hosting @b1tr0t for our Thursday Tech Talk, on capabilities of an advanced web platform. Sign up to join us today, Thursday, July 29th, at 1800 CEST

Cloudflare runs a set of distributed web services, including @IPFS

You can build & deploy your apps with Fission, and use Cloudflare DNS & gateway.

Check the docs for the link

We use advanced browser features like the WebCrypto API. What else is being worked on in browser tech?

Join @b1tr0t at our Thursday tech talk this week to learn more about the Chrome platform plans

Thanks @TrailHub1

Working on both Showing (apps & demos to show features & SDK functions) and Telling (better website, high level feature descriptions, improving docs).
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At last year's launch of
the response was:
"It is too good to be true"

To be built not enough to be believed.
Need to Show & Tell well.
The new website does that.
Know a good one when u see one requires that you have it in you.

It's been really great working with @protocollabs Application Research Group, we'll have more to share soon.

For now -- check out their hiring plans.
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Hey 👋

I am recruiting for, we are looking for engineers who want to innovate on P2P distributed file storage technology.

We also play with very cool ecosystem technology from @textileio, @FISSIONcodes, and other fun teams on the internet.

Hit me up!

Solid list of advanced web wish list from the @matrixdotorg team. We’ll +1 that list!

We’ll ask @b1tr0t to put them on the Chrome list when she presents next week
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@jensimmons @FISSIONcodes Web push, threaded WASM, and webrtc datachannels in service workers.

And if you actually care, "we had to do some ttsc because of jest, but with mocha that's not the case anymore" @matheusdev23

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(Always ask for TypeScript by name, otherwise it's just Sparkling JavaScript)

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OH: Good news by the way: we can get rid of our typescript transform plugin. We can go 100% organically grown, seasonal and regional typescript using tsc

Next Thursday we're hosting @b1tr0t, PM on the Chrome Web Platform. We're super excited to hear about the advanced web capabilities that her team is working on.

Sign up to join us July 29th, 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 1800 CEST

See you in about an hour and a half!
Join the team for our monthly demo day tomorrow, July 22nd, hosted by @midijeffg at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 1800 CEST

Updates from the team include:
- Hack Week app demos
- Non custodial recovery kit

Plus a community demo by @jorishermans - thank you for joining us!

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This week I am going to speak about storage stack a framework for building 'own your data' applications with some inspiration from express and koa.

With a focus on @FISSIONcodes

Do you want to know more. Please join me on this webinar!

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Join the team for our monthly demo day tomorrow, July 22nd, hosted by @midijeffg at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 1800 CEST

Updates from the team include:
- Hack Week app demos
- Non custodial recovery kit

Yes, we do have a new website!

It’s still 🚧🔧🏗 — especially old URL redirects.

Running Headless Ghost with @eleven_ty, published to our own IPFS infra of course.

Thank you @rosano and everyone that joined us for a great discussion on and what business models might be the same or different when devs don't hold user data hostage

Sweet sweet encrypted files, and a live walkthrough of using the fission-cli tool to publish a full edge app in 5 minutes.

Nice work @midijeffg!
We’re live with @midijeffg showing us the @FISSIONcodes SDK to publish web applications to IPFS, complete with private files, TLS, subdomains!

Put it to use in a project for !

Mini-thread from @bmann on some of the @DecentralizedID-related DID standards that Fission accounts are built on.
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We're closing in having our end-to-end non-custodial recovery kit working for @FISSIONcodes DID-based accounts. Nice work @matheusdev23!

Here's a screenshot of the did:key from one of my linked devices. Not super pretty, but the 🔑 to having portable accounts.

Tune in and watch @midijeffg present as part of the kick off. Also...stay tuned for SWAG!
TOMORROW: Join us for the kickoff summit! 🎉

1️⃣ day event ✨
4️⃣ dweb browser pals like @Microsoft, @brave, @PumaBrowser & Agregore
1️⃣3️⃣ talks from @FISSIONcodes, @unstoppableweb, @igalia, @ensdomains and more!

Register to attend: 👇👇👇

hack idea: a Lottie file workflow to publish to IPFS.

Would be great for some kinds of generative art and in general, NFTs with rich animation included.
RT @bmann
One thing that was new-to-me was Lottie files

"a lightweight JSON-based animation file format that enables designers to ship animations on any platform with a bunch of advantages over the existing formats."

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