Super awesome to have @Verge_729 and @XetiCode writing such high quality examples of building on Fission with @elmlang -- thank you!
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Here is the second entry in my "Fission with Elm" series. In it, we begin to interact with Fission and are ready for showing off how well Fission works with Elm.

This past week @expede gave a keynote @ElixirConf.

The slides are available now for “The Jump to Hyperspace: Light speed, anti-entropy, & moving past the cloud”

We’ll share the video recording when it’s available.

Join @expede and a host of other interesting dweb identity folks in a Twitter @bluesky Spaces talk tomorrow, Friday Oct 15th, 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 1800 CEST.

Set yourself a reminder here:

Yes, we really do think there is a future of computing that isn't solely run by today's hyperclouds

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@expede blowing minds 🤯 with the future of computing and the internet @ElixirConf

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Lots of great feedback on @expede's keynote at @ElixirConf

Let's thread a few pics and quotable quotes:
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Drinking the Kool-aid ⁦@expede⁩ ⁦@ElixirConf⁩

Yes, we’re hype about @IPFS as a pretty great protocol and global commons network.
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@brianwisti picture this: a global commons network where every piece of content has a content address, so anyone can help keep it online.

It’s like BitTorrent (p2p data transfer in blocks) mashed up with Git (immutable content with hashes).

If you're at @ElixirConf this week, or in and around Austin and want to talk dweb, @IPFS, decentralized auth, portable data & more -- ping @expede, who is in town giving the keynote on Wednesday afternoon.

We're getting started on hard/soft links in , the public / private file system on top of @IPFS

@icidasset is keeping notes in this issue as implementation / design progresses

Join us for our next community call. Can we re-think an model for audio playlists? @lucas_gonze guides us in a group discussion about next-gen playlist sharing formats.

Next Wednesday, Oct 6th 9am PDT / 1800 CEST

Next week, on Oct 6th at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 1800 CEST, we're hosting @lucas_gonze in a collaborative brainstorming session about next-generation playlist formats.

Immutable audio on @IPFS, Sharing your data across different apps, and more!

"DID is who you are. UCAN is what you can do"

-- @nichoth_person

We had a great discussion on the call, thanks everyone for joining us.

A quote from nicoth that we should add to the readme:

"DID is who you are. UCAN is what you can do"

More events like this here

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Our decentralized auth protocol is the other growing area of interest. @qri_io have a GoLang implementation, and lots of others are kicking the tires.

(Yes we have mascots!)

@expede will be on a Twitter Bluesky identity panel in a couple of weeks

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The big feature was showcasing interop with our DID account system and Microsoft ION DIDs

Lots more work to do on discovery and UX, but great to get to this interop milestone! cc @csuwildcat @DecentralizedID

Full write up and screencasts in the forum:

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Winning the bundler wars battle.

Where by "winning" we mean making things mostly work no matter what set of bundlers you use.

Thanks to @icidasset in particular for some heavy lifting on this.
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Like a lot of people, I learn by tinkering and dissecting; I love this new example we have of todomvc that uses
@FISSIONcodes' webnative, *just works*, and includes branches that demonstrate the same app configured with Create R…

PSA: we've got one more round of hardening to do around our login / auth & compatibility issues with browser extensions.

We'll have this out next week. This seems to bite Firefox users the most.

If you're having issues, please try again with extensions disabled - let us know!

This going to take a while, but promising progress on Ed25519 in the W3C WebCrypto API spec

And coming up on Oct 15th, @expede will be part of a decentralized identity panel along with @timbray & @somemikesena as part of the Twitter Bluesky decentralized social project @bluesky @bluesky_commons

We've set up an event reminder here

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