This evening, SATURDAY 12TH JUNE 2021 at 20H CET, to celebrate the online launch of our LIVE AT BEWLEYS 2005 mini-album (now available in our bandcamp shop), a video from the original album lauch concert featuring three unreleased songs (the first featuring Christophe Capewell on violin) will go live - a time-travel album launch of sorts - come with us back to celtic-tiger Dublin for a few songs in Bewleys Oriental Room!

This SATURDAY JUNE 12TH at 20H CET, i will premiere a short 15-minute, three-song bit of concert from 2006 Dublin.
It's 3 folkey songs filmed in Bewleys Oriental Room. These songs aren't on any of our albums and, as far as i can remember, weren't recorded at any other time. The first song features Christophe Capewell playing his violin.
The show will appear at the address on the other side of this picture on saturday evening at 20h!

i'll be online at the following link in about twenty minutes to play some Floatinghome tunes - time to grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine! tune in if you're online :)

Hi all,
I hope spring has sprung with you... On SATURDAY 22ND MAY, i'm going to play some songs for all ye internauts... The online concert will start at 20H CET.
There'll be some old songs, some new songs; we'll laugh, we'll cry; i'll sing as best i can after 433 days of couch... Do please tune in, if you're free!

jaysus, we're back to hail... isn't it the locusts that come next?!

en avril il y a dix ans, on a lancée notre album "live and sans souci". c'etait notre première concert avec ce formation là et on l'a capturé pour faire entendre la reste du monde! c'etait un soiree super special dans une salle clandestine super speciale, tenu par un bande des potes super speciale!! la version du video ici viens d'une concert le mois d'après mais le chanson est bien dessus :)
lien pour ecouter l'album:
west cork song video:

i'm not sure where to address my gratitude for the support we have been receiving during the lockdowns. the german government have been great at helping us freelancers tread water, not to mention our wee community of friends and all at karakter who have been the best at keeping vibes and info flowing... thanks :)
for those here not yet in the know: ueberbrueckungshilfe-unternehm
happy springing on this one year anniversary of last concert with carefree audience! this spring is for making new music :)

I love playing this song on tour with Sam Vance-Law... During the lockdown, we have been recording an ep of four songs from the german scene of this era - it will be released on the 4th of march :)
This first song from it is eisbär, originally recorded by grauzone in 1980. Fun !

Something about snow
wraps itself well in haiku:
world around unshown.

12.1.21... i feel as though i have mentioned this date on many a stage before many a show !

I can't believe this is ten years ago! One of my favorite band sessions captured in snowy dublin by Stephen Mogerley.
Filmed in the house where i grew up, the day after our show at the Cobblestone. I was home to spend christmas with my family. The band joined me for the first few days so we could play some shows. Musicians: Fabrice Bihain, Simon Beriaux, Augi Dethier, Remy Lehembre and myself, aidan.

a beautiful winter afternoon walk in the woods by a lake near berlin with wallis, jess, tracey and chris to close out 2020... *exhale*... happy new year y'all !

for ye olde Bandcamp friday, i have added the VINYL of my most recent album, dreams for dreamers and the CD of the previous one, le grand discours to the Floatinghome shop with them... happy decembering !

this was us, about 15 years ago in dublin. before we each followed our separate musical paths, we played songs together and had our own little buzz going. this video features Jenny Lindfors, Ben Kritikos (herons!), Christopher Colm Morrin (landers), Alyanya Massey, James Guilmartin, Aidan Floatinghome (myself), Niall James Holohan, Cian Murphy, Will Flanagan and Daniel Stanford... good times :)

mon ami susi erler a fait ce documentaire sur l'engagement politique du génération courant en france, allemange et pologne - bien plus engagé que la notre - inspirant! moi aussi, j'en ai marre des mots insensé qui sortent des gens qui n'en a rien a foutre mais qui font semblant de se soucier... tous ensemble pour le climat, l'egalite de chaque être-humain et un future inclusive.
a voir sur arté (auch auf deutsche) - vivement recommandé...

check out this wonderful video from Rufus Coats and Jess Smith, berlin-based blues duo that i make louder at concerts sometimes... well, in the future as the shows we had booked got covided !
they are nominated for a thing and voting is super easy, if you fancy supporting them: the video is called MODERN DAY CATHEDRAL in the music videos section - go to and scroll to the bottom of the page to vote ! but mostly, give it an aul watch :)


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