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This is a really exciting thread. We escaped from github last year to a friend's hosted gitlab, but will move again if a real federated git environment emerges.

So thanks for all the thoughts!

@humanetech @aral @forgefriends @hostea indeed one of the reasons I originally chose gitea was not because it was perfect or complete at the time (ci/cd is still a challenge), but rather because it is heading in the correct and an important direction, and one where I wish to be, without castles or kings...

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It gets really exciting when you draw the line further, from federated code forges into federated free software development. Then it becomes clear that such an ecosystem will start to compete all across the board against the network effects with which Github binds developers to their platform. And that in an open, democratized and standards-based environment.

@humanetech @tychosoft @forgefriends @hostea Neat :) And it looks like Gitea is very close to finally self-hosting the project. Which should make it easier for other projects to migrate off of GitHub to it too, I would assume.

Just this blocking issue: github.com/go-gitea/gitea/pull

(Good stop-gap but I look forward to the day I’ll be hosting my repositories on my own site, with the same “app” that I post updates with and chat privately to my friends with.) :)

@humanetech @aral @forgefriends indeed, this will eventually make individual sites powerful, though I am very happy having stuff hosted on @codeberg too. Yes, anyone should be able to collaborate everywhere, rather than only in castles often with kings.

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Note that the devs of #ForgeFriends and #ForgeFlux are setting up @hostea as a fully #FOSS open and transparent #Gitea hosting environment from where at any time you can move towards self-hosting and vice versa.

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And there's significant work underway (by #gitea themself, @forgefriends and #ForgeFlux) to make it federated, so you can collab from your personal instance to remote projects on any other fedi-compliant code forge.

Hi @mariusor

I just posted to @forgefriends forum, relating to some investigation that has been done on the use of #GoFed for @gitea forge federation.

Outcome is that compilation size is an issue, and that other solutions need to be investigated. So I thought of #GoAP libraries you are working on. I don't know specifics, but wanted to give you a heads up. I mentioned you in:


There's a matrix chat channel for federation at:


Yep, #Gitea is just a software and #Codeberg is a hosted instance of it (with some patches and other additional services like codeberg.page and CI)
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#Codeberg and #Gitea are working closely together and e.g. codeberg is committing upstream.

For #FOSS projects Codeberg is an excellent choice.

@humanetech @forgefriends @gitea btw, there is also @codeberg
I am very confused on where to host my code nowadays.
I started a small project for my website and out of practicality I went with @gitlab because a friend have his code there.
But I heard a while ago and got really curious about @codeberg and @gitea but I still didn't stop to analyse the pro and cons between them.

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Indeed. Mind you, it is not that they don't want to 'dogfood' their own project.. this has been in the pipeline for years and only now coming closer to being a reality. Reason being.. once you start on #Github you risk getting more tied to the platform than you'd like.

@dachary can tell you more about specifics, and has been helping in the migration efforts to move to gitea.io

@maff1989 @humanetech @forgefriends @gitea @MrFrog funny enough, gitea ask us to contribute to their project on....


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Federation of #CodeForge projects will be massive! A gigantic opportunity for the #Fediverse to open up the software development landscape and democratize the use of tools we wield when building #FOSS throughout the development lifecycle.

A landscape where network effects will work in our favour, not in #Github's who will just be one of the vendors among countless others.

Imagine this world! It needs all of us to make it real. Like #UX designers.


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Imagine a world.. 🌈

Where it wasn't about #Github this and Github that, Github before and after. Like Github was some kind of foundational technology instead of a #BigTech operated de-facto walled garden that sucks in development efforts like a black hole. Event horizon blinding us to so much else. Gravitational lensing warping the star map like crazy..

In our federated universe we are building wormholes now, to escape 🛸

Check @forgefriends, #ForgeFlux and @gitea at:


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