GlitchTip 1.12 has been released, bringing performance monitoring out of beta and offering JS source map support.

GlitchTip 1.11 is released with uptime monitoring enhancements. It contains an improved performance monitoring backend. Frontend performance monitoring overhaul coming soon.

GlitchTip has resumed normal functioning. Our database went into read-only mode at 3:34 AM (GMT-5) because it was in need of a storage upgrade. Full service returned at 10:32 AM. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Self hosters: we are now offering support plans so you can get the most out of GlitchTip while keeping open source development sustainable, and helping Tereza keep her bowl full! Check it out on the blog:

GlitchTip is now on 3.2 and the upgrade was very easy!

GlitchTip 1.6: Better support for environments, some Docker image optimizations, and some news on the self-hosted front.


Try GlitchTip:

GlitchTip 1.5.4 brings our docker image size from 205mb down to 123mb.

We aim to make GlitchTip as lightweight and easy to run as possible.

Version 1.5 is out. We now show aggregated tag stats, and if you have multiple organizations you'll appreciated the updated home page.

There's some other stuff too. Check it out here:

GlitchTip 1.4 is out! Some nice UI improvements in there. Also, some things for the self-hosted folks, including a Helm-related breaking change.

Read all about it:

GlitchTip 1.3 has been released. The breadcrumbs are really useful, and we've laid the foundation for more to come.

Read about the release:

Try GlitchTip today:

Working on performance monitoring and defining our event data model more. Preliminary performance monitoring will land in GlitchTip 1.3. Thinking about uptime monitoring in the future.

Talk to us on Gitter and help develop GlitchTip software monitoring.

GlitchTip now has an official Mastodon account. We'll post minor status updates here. Currently working on finishing up the notifications UI for our 1.1 release!


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