Disappointing visit to Landratsamt today...got rejected for Permanent Residence and getting another visa extension...

Don’t miss Akademy 2022 this weekend and support it by using our official hashtag #Akademy2022. You can also use one of our Akademy e-Banners on your social media, blog or website!


OK this is pretty cool: built-in translation is coming to Mastodon, funded by the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme.


#Linux 5.19.10, 5.15.69, 5.10.144, 5.4.214, 4.19.259, 4.14.294, and 4.9.329 kernels are now available for download at kernel.org #OpenSource

Do you use the "I don't care about cookies" extension? It was acquired by Avast.

You might want to swap over to Consent-O-Matic, which is free and open source - consentomatic.au.dk/

FTR - yes, I live in #Munich. No, I’m not going to #Oktoberfest. Since 2 years I’m collecting the numbers on the pandemic and it’s not even a question. The risks are too damn high.

Wow, it took a pretty rough transition, but Ubiquity is finally nailing it with 7.1+ Network updates. 7.2 was blast and now 7.3 is huge (in a good way) again!

Wow, managed to get my NAS backed up to S3 Glacier in just over 15h. It's been bothering me for a long time that there is no plan B. No lets see how the diff backup will work next time.

Office Space (1999) imdb.com/title/tt0151804/ Never saw this one and it was good and bad at the same time. Didn’t know it was the source of so many memes

Also we've got a few MyStrom WiFi power sockets to get some awareness of power consumption of a few points in the apartment.

Just sold my almost 2-years old Pixel 5 for 69% (nice) of the original price to flip4new.de. Didn't talk to anyone, just entered details on the web site, got a shipping label and 5 days later got the money that was written during original estimation. Perfekt!
P.S. Pixel 5 was one of the most disappointing devices I owned, so no regrets there.

While I still wait for my motherboard and memory to come back from RMA (...again), I've got an AIO to replace the air cooling. With hot summer like this one, need better cooling capacity. Also it's my first experience with AIOs, hopefully will get my components back soon and can test it out.

@jwildeboer hey, what service do you use to send Mastodon to Twitter?

@jwildeboer do you happen to know if there is a way of I add positive test results to Corona App from private test company? Huber’s barcode isn’t recognized :(

So #Fedora includes ffmpeg-free now - does anyone know what codecs are missing compared to the encumbered #ffmpeg in rpmfusion?

I can't find a clear statement

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