Woke up today and felt the urge to continue experimentation with . So I cautiously blended my current favourites and the result was like:

My (current) Top 10 movies:
1: Strange Days
2: Alien / Aliens / Alien³ / Alien Resurrection (yes, all of them!)
3: Blade Runner
4: Moon
5: 2001: A Space Odyssey / 2010: The Year We Make Contact (again : yes, both of them)
6: The Martian
7: The Fifth Element
8: Gattaca
9: Starship Troopers
10: Outland

This list is totally susceptible to change and will be modified depending on my mood, my maturing and the way I see and comprehend things.

Hab' mit einer Freundin am Wochenende mal ausprobiert. Das Wetter war mies (feuchtkalt, windig, neblig) und wir haben schließlich "Überschuhe" aus Gatsch getragen. Als wir dann aber tatsächlich unseren ersten gefunden haben, waren diese Widrigkeiten mit einem Mal komplett unwichtig. Und das Wetter war nun nicht mehr schiach, sondern stimmungsvoll ;-) .

Heute landet die NASA-Sonde mit dem Perseverance Rover auf dem Mars. Livestreams gibt es von der ESA (ab: 19:45) und der NASA (ab 20:15).
ESA: esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/ESA_Web
NASA: mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/timelin

So that was the fifth season of .
I'm mourning Alex Kamal's death a little bit because he was the crewmember with whom I identified myself the most.
I was hoping they would replace the actor and keep the character. For me Alex was the glue who kept the crew together (and one hell of a pilot).
But then again is kind of a mirror of life - it just doesn't always go the way you want.

It's time for the next step in my self observation experiment: can I replace my fondness for sweet things with a healthy coffee addiction? Since drinking coffee I got the impression I eat less sweets.
- when drinking no coffee for three days I stuffed myself again with cookies 'n stuff.
- taking up coffee drinking again and no sweet tooth anymore.

I think I need to validate the preliminary test result by essentially doing more coffee drinking check runs.

Was mir in letzter Zeit unangenehm auffällt: bei werden immer öfter "Gegenargumente" folgender Art vorgebracht, z.B.:

A: "Man sollte Bootsflüchtlingen helfen und sie nicht auf dem Meer dahintreiben lassen."
B: "Du willst also alles und jeden einfach zu uns reinlassen!"

A: "Ich werde in Zukunft freiwillig einen MNS tragen, wenn ich verkühlt bin und trotzdem Menschen treffe (Arztbesuch, Einkaufen …)."
B: "Du bist für einen ewigen Lockdown!"

First thing I did today after the lifting of the lockdown: getting a load of packages of my favourite coffee
and a new kind of moka
to savour.

"Die britischen Exporte in die EU sind im Jänner gegenüber dem Vorjahresmonat stark eingebrochen."
"RHA-Chef Richard Burnett beklagte aber auch eine Zunahme des „Papierkrams“ als Folge des Brexits. Er warnte in einem Brief an Staatssekretär Michael Gove, die seit dem 1. Jänner geltenden neuen Formalitäten behinderten den Handel mit dem Kontinent. Nur ein Fünftel des erforderlichen Personals sei eingestellt worden."
Ach? Damit konnte ja niemand rechnen.

After trying another brand of coffee for the first time (until now I strictly sticked with the one I choose at the beginning of my caffeine addiction) I know one thing for sure now: I absolutely don't want the kind of coffee with a high amount of acerbity.

Finished the fifth season of "The Expanse". What a ride that was! Now there's the most difficult part ahead: waiting for the next season ;-) .
I'll try to substitute by rereading the books and playing the RPG.

Mir gefällt die Widmung in Buzz Aldrins Doktorarbeit aus dem Jahr 1963:
"In the hopes that this work may in some way contribute to their exploration of space, this is dedicated to the crew members of this country's present and future manned space programs. If only I could join them in their exciting endeavors."

I need more!
I'm preparing for the next stage of my growing coffeine addiction. Seriously thinking about purchasing a bigger moka pot.

"The Expanse" is my favourite TV show and novel series. So I guess that's the reason for my recently found fondness for coffee:

Well, that escalated quickly.

Within two weeks from half coffee, half milk to black coffee with a tiny bit of sugar to pure black coffee ;-) .

The test criteria: two cups of coffee (black, roughly 80 ml each), no milk.
Honey - about a quarter of a teaspoon / about the same volume of a sugar lump.

And here's the winner:

Sugar it is.

Although I'm also ok with honey. Gives the coffee some kind of a more fruity taste while sugar keeps the dry aftertaste I prefer.

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