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Upcoming Instagram changes warn users to accept activity tracking to "Help keep Instagram free of charge" 🙄 #deleteInstagram

While a lot of people are talking about a Facebook data breach that is two years old, here's something else that is two years old.

The climate cost of disposable smartphones... A one year extension to the lifespan of mobile phones would result in the same impact as removing 2 million cars from the roads.

"iPad Pro as fast as an M1 Mac… but why?

OK, but what will we do with that power?

Truth is we don't need all this power. Probably don't even want it. But the marketing machine will relentlessly tell us that we must have it."

Gerry McGovern on that there Twitter.

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Fix something small that gets in your way. Sew on a button, clean a grimy keyboard.

I logged a run on yesterday. Looking at the stats afterwards I saw this graph. It shows my elevation through the work out and, be honest, it looks like I climbed Everest!

But then check out the stats, and the scale on the graph. The gain was 67ft! A rather small Everest!

The importance of properly reading stats and graphs.

Side note: any GPS exercise apps on that people recommend? Is there such a thing as a respecting GPS app?

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You can now watch yesterday’s Small is Beautiful livestream with guest David Heinemeier Hansson, with captions, or read the transcript at

We covered so many topics! Including Small Tech (vs Big Tech), business models, ethical design, scaling organisations, and much more.

One of the few things worse than a "Death by Powerpoint" presentation is when person killing us with Powerpoint starts the presentation saying "This is going to be death by Powerpoint"

Like - you knew - yet you're going to do it anyway.

Currently trying to discuss the decentralised web with an almost 11 year old who really doesn't want to install WhatsApp on her first mobile, but has so many friends on there already in groups. She has fear of missing out, but really wants to avoid FB and so on.

Trying to talk her through things without sounding forceful or boring! It's difficult. Any tips our there?

Reading about the University of Minnesota Health Sciences Library website migration that reduced site from over 300 pages to less than 70. That's impressive.

Sometimes cards can be so lovely to receive... Other times...

Tom's point doesn't go on to be "Let's not make websites at all" but I think there is an argument that we should start by asking the question "Do we need to make this?"

The answer is probably "no" more often than we like to admit.

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"For each metric, the ideal figure to minimize emissions would be zero" p30, Sustainable Web Design, Tom Greenwood. A Book Apart, 2021

123-reg really is a heap of junk. Why do people use it?

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I wrote about the Fediverse in a blog post! Hope it turned out OK!

Also a big thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read my writing so far!


Things I don't understand (open to being taught!)

Let's Encrypt certificate compared to paid for Rapid SSL or similar... So I know Let's Encrypt is fine for my Raspberry PI. I feel like it should be fine for everything else... but I have huge gap in knowledge!

"Openness allows us to stand on each other's shoulders and move forward as a community, building on progress rather than starting from nothing" p9, Sustainable Web Design, Tom Greenwood. A Book Apart, 2021

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