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My favourite extension is by far Multi-Account Containers. The fact that you can compartmentalize your browsing to the extent that this extension allows can go a long way in improving your online privacy.

Just finished . It’s a really nice show. Now starts the seemingly never ending wait for the next season...

This year's saw its first woman participant in its entire history. Mere participation wasn't enough though. She managed to make a name for herself with a partial win netting her a two point reward towards Master of Pwn. I hope this breaks the ice for women and we see more participation in the coming years. Go women Go!

Are you FloCed? The has put up a website to check whether you are part of the "original trial" set of users, as calls it. To find out, head over to

If you're using TCP port 10080 for your local dev, or any other reason for that matter, you might want to switch to another port. recently added it to its list of blocked ports and had done so late last year.

Hopefully, we’ll see an uplift in ’s user base due to ’s recent outages. I mean users must get it at some point, right? Or am I just naïvely over optimistic?

I really like but it started freezing on me lately. It would just go black. Restarting the app doesn't fix it.

@jiewawa do you have the same issue?

Project Zero is now giving a 30-day grace period to organizations *after* a patch has been released. So this stretches the delay between vulnerability discovery and technical disclosure to up to 120 days. Hopefully we see a reduction in script kiddie hacks thanks to this.

, it’s nice of you to finally show up. A lot of folks have been waiting for you.

Backup your data, encrypt your backups, and use state-of-the-art encryption with strong keys.

The more I use goroutines the more I wonder how someone would intentionally pick a single-threaded language for anything other than a simple “Hello world” program. I might be exaggerating here but seriously I can’t think of any problem worth solving with software and that won’t benefit from concurrency. Can you?

Is it just me or you can no longer view public profiles unless you have an account and log in?

AWS launched OpenSearch recently: a fork of and . I wonder what motivations were behind this move and what would happen to Elastic going forward.

Does anyone know why toots specify where they were sent from? Is there a way to disable that?

a woman by the name of Joy Milne can smell Parkinson's disease. She can tell whether a person has the disease or not just using her nose with a whopping accuracy of... wait for it... 98%! 😱

Unfortunately, I don't remember the author of the toot I'm referring to but if you know who I'm talking about, please tell them I said thanks.

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I just published my personal website after a long period of feet dragging. It's almost embarrassing how long my domain was pointing to a bank page. But I wasn't planning on doing this at all coming into the weekend. I just stumbled upon a toot wondering why we don't see more people spinning up their own static website and establish a self controlled web presence given that the cost has become close to zero. That's all it took to trigger me to finally get this done.

joins the data leak party exposing 1.3M user records out in the wild. That didn't take too long.

I'm finally getting around to working on my personal/resume website. It's a simple single page static website so it should be quick right? You wish! Totally underestimated the amount of time it takes.

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