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I just stumbled upon

It's really well done and a good starting point for anyone interested in taking their online more seriously. Also, I love the domain!

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Nice breakdown by the Guardian of implications of using . If you’re a Gmail user, check it out so you at least know what you’re signing up for.

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If you live in the EU and your personal data are part of 's latest 500M+ leaked user records, you join a class action law suit led by Digital Rights Ireland. For more details:

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Are you FloCed? The has put up a website to check whether you are part of the "original trial" set of users, as calls it. To find out, head over to

@jiewawa @wex Did you guys give it try? I’m curious about your initial impressions and how you think it compares to

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Congrats to @Mastodon for the new iOS app! 🎉
Hopefully, this gets more people on the .

might turn into Reddit. They’ve been experimenting with votes on tweets but it’s still unclear whether they’ll move forward with this features.

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PrivacyTools is after a new name! Please submit your name ideas in the link bellow:

A newly discovered hole in file system allows any local user to get root access to the system. If you're the admin of a multi-user system running a Linux version older than 5.13.4, you gotta patch now!

is sunsetting its bookmarks service in a couple of months. It must not have gained traction during its 16-year service. I know I’ve never heard of it.

I finally have a backup strategy in place for my self-hosted instance. I can now consider it live!

Next step: publish a short article about the setup.

It's not going well for in Germany. Apparently, they just passed a law that forces telecom companies to inject spyware into communications of **all** users, not just the ones suspected of illegal conduct. In other words, they legalized mass surveillance.

Link in German. I couldn't find an English version. If you find one, please link it below.

I've consumed so many technical articles throughout the years without fully appreciating the amount of time and effort that goes into making them. I'm currently working on an article for my blog and boy does this thing require time and energy! Especially if you want to thoroughly explain key points and provide code snippets and examples.

Here's to all technical writers out there. Thank you for your hard work and your contributions to education.

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I've used wm extensively in the past, then switched to for a while and now I'm trying out . I've got to admit there's something about i3's simplicity and ease of configuration that's very appealing. I'm happy with the experience so far and I feel like I'll stick with it for a bit.

now extends it's Total Cookie Protection to private browsing windows. This protection restricts 3rd party cookies to the domains they were first triggered from which has a considerable impact on cross-site tracking.

That moment, when you realize you just spent the whole day debugging video performance issues, trying out all tweaks in the book, when you could have just installed that missing driver 🤦

For all users out there, I got a cure for you: `alias emacs=vim`

Rumors were right! just launched their subscription plan dubbed "Twitter Blue". For few bucks a month users are able to organize tweets in bookmark folders and have the ability to delete tweets.

No thanks, I can do all that and then some here on . Over here, we're all equal. None of that "I'm verified, I'm blue/premium" BS.

users' argument about speed in favor of their beloved browser don't stand no more. 89 is so snappy! I mean this thing is so responsive it's not even funny. Good job , you nailed this one. Although, some people aren't big fans of the new UI. Personally, I kind of like it.

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