Happy New Year!

Thanks to your support and choosing us to protect your privacy, iodé will be moving in scale in 2022 bringing many new features


iodéOS review: Protecting your privacy while preserving access to apps


New devices (Samsung Galaxy S10 | S10e | S10+ | Note 10 | Note 10+) supporting iodé 2 (Android 11)

You will find the installation process here: iode.tech/en/iodeos-installati

You can also directly buy refurbished phones with iodéOS 2 preinstalled here: iode.tech/en/#refurbished-phon

The refurbished Sony Xperia XZ3 with iodéOS preinstalled is now available @iodé

Take back control over your private life and protect the environment with iodé!

Thanks to a new partnership with Teracube, the 2E phone is now available @iodé!

Coupled with the ethical iodéOS, the 2E is the right solution to protect your data and the environment.

We have started upgrading iodéOS to (LineageOS 18.1)!

If you wish to follow our latest updates and exchange with the iodé community, come here: community.iode.tech/

Choosing the blocking level of your iodé phone: this is now possible!

Did you know the majority of ads and trackers are automatically blocked on iodé smartphones?
iodé now lets you select a reinforced protection blocking even more unwanted recipients!


Our beta tester volunteers can now configure the blocking level of their iodé phones!
Feel free to join our Telegram app group (link in the FAQ) if you wish to become a beta tester.

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En visio jeudi : Iodé des smartphones qui respectent la vie privée

Pour ceux qui cherchent des solutions clés en main de téléphones sans gafam :
Ce jeudi 6 mai, sur jeudi.giroll.org, l'équipe d'Iodé, iode.tech/ vient présenter son projet et discuter avec nous, n'hésitez pas à venir si vous êtes curieux de ce type de projet.

Ouverture de la visio à 19h

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Happy !
At the end of the day, we care about the environment as much as we care about privacy. 🌱

iodé now has a community forum! (community.iode.tech)
If you would like to follow the latest iodé novelties, ask questions and exchange with the iodé community, we invite you to join our new community forum!
The iodé team thank you all for your support.

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