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EU: privacy is a fundamental human right

Also EU: we're going to encourage tech companies to automatically & indiscriminately scan all your private messages, chats, and emails for suspicious content

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AlecStapp/status/1

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The latest update brought #makerspace s to our website. You can now register your (maker)space for people to find and realize there ideas.
Feel free to check it out at openidea.io if you encounter any bugs please let us know :)

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Check-in mit der #CoronaWarnApp über #NFC!

- QR code in CWA erstellen
- QR code Auslesen und URL kopieren
- URL auf Standard NFC 216 Tag schreiben
- Smartphone an Tag halten
- CWA wird geöffnet mit check-in

Wie cool ist das denn!

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We created a intro/howto video on Odysee. Here it is: odysee.com/@jd-ohm:b/OpenIdea-

If you want to join odysee.com (a YouTube like platform build upon the decentralized lbry protocol) and support us a little, here is a invite link: odysee.com/$/invite/@jd-ohm:b

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A lot of people, me included, have been advocating for grand marketing campaigns for the #Linux desktop. Nowadays, I feel that what Linux needs to grow, is more hardware. Let’s see why!

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Share the word about the fediverse
If you are interested in a free and open web.
To chat checkout element element.io/ a client for the federated matrix matrix.org protocol.
A good twitter alternative is mastodon joinmastodon.org which uses the activity pub protocol.
#FLOSS #social

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I use and to communicate with my family from around the globe. What do you use for?

I use and to chat with my family from around the world.
don't be evil.
It's not like my parents and siblings are doing something wrong by sharing childhood memories etc. e2e encrypted.

what do you think of the idea, that instead of strict server restrictions/banns it's only a default and the user can change the default for them self?
Could be a optional and be decided on a per server basis, if they want to give the users the freedom to decide for themself or rather don't have certain servers there at all.

She's the one who has the patience to hand-sand everything down to the last bit. The green and black motorcycle in the back was painted by us after it got a few scratches.

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