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The code worked differently when the moon was full
Submitted by: shanselman; Score: 326

I’m just about 5 minutes into Seirai Island and I love the BGM already

Finally got my first dose of vax

For context, I’ve been registered since early March!

There are quite a number of programming and design books I wanna buy, but the conversion rates frowned at me. 20 bucks a book in most of NA is pretty fair. 80+ bucks a book in Malaysia is expensive af.

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What’s with people and trailing spaces in writing any text in this part of the world!?

Something messed up writing stuff to my hard drive and now the OS (or anything below) refuses to identify it :( Looks like I won’t be having a personal laptop for the next couple of days…

“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

Sherlock Holmes, Chap. 6, p. 111

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Just realized that holy hell do I not respond well when I’m being patronized.

Probably just a bad idea all over tbh. I can see how it’ll be complicated for governments and legislation to handle this.

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I get how it’s get confusing — the nice address that you put in doesn’t always represent the place that you think it is. But the benefit would be that you can tell people a simple address representation (send mail to Japorized’s Lair), and you should be able to easily update the true physical address. It may be bad for postage (now we gotta check if the address is still the old address!), but it may even reduce chances of missed mails (from moving), or even typos?

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Random shower thought: If we’re so easily changing the public addresses of our servers (and it can even be dynamic), while keeping a memorable domain name/URL to our websites/web apps, why don’t we doing this with physical location addresses?

I **cannot** wait for Temporal to land for JS.
Been trying out various ideas for storing birthdays without a time component, while trying to be flexible enough to work with different locales, and only to find myself thwarted by JS’s crappy Date object and en-US localization.

A weird thought.
Suppose you were born in GMT+4, and your birth date is Apr 1st, at midnight, for argument’s sake. When you travel to, say, GMT-4, do you tell people that your birthday is on Mar 31st? 🤔
Probably not!

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