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Je suis à la recherche d'un bébé requin IKEA Blåhaj, alias le Smolhaj. 55cm, discontinué en 2020 par Ikea, et toujours insaisissable depuis.

Vous en avez un en trop dont vous êtes prêt à vous séparer ? Discutons-en !
Je cherche quelqu'un en France, en Espagne, aux Pays-Bas et en Allemagne.
Merci !

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I am in search of an IKEA baby shark Blåhaj, aka the Smolhaj. 55cm, discontinued in 2020 by Ikea, and ever elusive since then.

Do you have an extra one you're willing to part with? Let's discuss!
Looking for someone in France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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I am hoping to network and connect with other professional and amateur digitization and archivist technicians, to aid in a project, and to basically have an avenue or group to discuss related topics!

If you are a tech or , know someone in those fields interested in networking or chatting about their work, or are a self-proclaimed or amateur with experience, please feel free to reach out here on Mastodon , or by email: contact [at] nabein {dot} me

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fake foot 

Can anyone in communities help ID this installation I saw at the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art? It's a giant yellow foot most likely filled with some kind of dense packing material. I honestly hated this piece, because I feel it's so obnoxious, but I really want to know who's behind it.

For anyone that followed expecting tech/archive stuff, please sit tight. Travel takes up most of my energy and time right now, and summer heat makes it hard to work sometimes. I have a loooooot of stuff I intend to write, share, and publish. Lots of little projects too when I get home.

rishi sunak promises 'a child up every chimney' in new bid to woo conservative party members

As a person who is hard of hearing, I fucking hate when TV shows/movies don't balance their goddamn audio. Like if I have to really crank it up to hear most of the show but then during action scenes it's ear shattering at that exact same volume, You Did A Bad Job at making your show accessible. What the fuck is the reasoning behind this decision. No I get it, you want to make the action POP, but you can do that without making it a fucking tense drag for hard of hearing people to watch your goddamn show

This brought to you by me checking out moon knight and nearly fucking scrambling for cover at the first gunshot cause it was so much louder compared to the rest of the show that it sounded like it was right outside my fucking apartment

Someone on fedi called advertising "pollution" and that's a perfect descriptor.

Maybe what’s needed for websites and web apps is a kind of Prepper Web Dev? Code that assumes that:

The network is unreliable
Power is expensive
Devices are old
Data centres can be shut off by a heatwave or disaster
All your server data can be subpoenaed by fascists

Travel Plushie Family Photo

Doraemon (officially licensed Euro product)
Mini Gondola (from KommandoStore)
Wump, my Among Us crewmate "son"

Gave up my privacy today to book an AirBNB place... Desperate for affordable relief from insane hostels at this point

Happy #cakeday #OpenStreetMap folks!

9th August is celebrated by awesome communities around the world as the official anniversary [0] of OSM, that being the date the domain name was registered.

We're now 18 years old! #OpenStreetMap18

Congratulations, and thank you to all the folks who map it forward, for OpenStreetMap, and Free geodata.

Photo of a cake from #OSMBD #Bangladesh, the first community to celebrate #cakeday last week.


What do people consider 'forever' file formats. I.E file types that are open source and won't become obsolete quickly and can run on minimalist computers. I know that lots of people consider txt's to be pretty good for everything plain text, but what about odt and odf for word processing and spread sheets? Is ogg, flac or acc better than mp3 for music and audiobooks? Giff for images?

I'm a sci-fi writer and want to know what 'old tech' might still be useful in the future.

Thanks Mastodon!

Just received a gift: a Intuos Pro Large from Wacom. They plan to reuse on their blog some of my illustrations/tutorials (eg. on tablet ergonomics). They wanted to thanks me because all my content was already available for free on my blog under Creative Commons CC-By ☺️ So cool!

A very good writeup on a personally equally earth shattering revelation about MoFi, a vinyl record production conpany.

Seems post-bankruptcy, one should always have a bit of suspition in a company...

GPSJam · Daily maps of #GPS interference .. Watch jamming around conflict zones develop over time ..


1, 2, 3 - kickflip🛹and cross the EU border freely.

European skateboarders performed their tricks at the 🇪🇪-🇱🇻 border, proving that borders in the #Schengen area only exist on maps.

The free movement of people, goods and services is at the heart of our Union.


*an american parent, seeing an NES* finally. a V.C.R. ... with a gun. this will allow me to teach my Son to hunt

*a british parent, seeing an NES* we've already got a video. we dont need another video! we're paying out the nose every month for one video as it is!! and this one plays completely different tapes

I saw an albino squirrel on my walk today. holy fucking tree spirit ass squirrel let me get so close to it! :artaww:

Using alt text is super important. Please continue to use it. It really makes a world of difference!!! I love how mastodon is very inclusive with all type of disabilities and everyone here is so kind. I have not seen any other social media use this much alt text. I just want to give a gentle reminder and a huge thank you!!!! :)

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